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referrals at Limu

If you know people who you think would make good online teachers in any topic or subject ranging from the academic to hobbies and personal interests, or who are simply interested in learning about something online, you can refer them to Limu and earn Limu points that you can then use to pay for Knowledge Assets that you book at Limu.

How does the Limu referral programme work?

Simply ask the person that you refer to enter your email address when registering, and we will credit your account with 50 Limu points (the equivalent of US$5) for each new registered user referred by you. You will receive an additional 50 Limu points (the equivalent of US$5) once that referred user registers a Knowledge Asset and starts teaching at Limu.

Who to refer?

Think about anybody you know who could teach online about subjects related to his/her work, school and university, professors and students who could help other students with their subjects and homework, or people with an expertise in special areas of interest or hobbies.

Teachers you refer should know their subject well and enjoy teaching others about their topic.

Refer anybody you know who would like to learn about a topic or subject: college students or school pupils who need help in their work, a friend interested in a new hobby, a Sunday gardener who wants advice on gardening, or a professional looking for information on a specific topic. Peers from school or university, colleagues from work, members of your family and friends, could all be interested in learning more about a specific topic.

If you wish to refer friends but are not registered yet, please click here to
register first.

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