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Make your own Remote Control plane

tutoring & advice

 with Jerry Thomas Azhakathu

short description:
I will teach you how to make your own remote control plane. Ducted fans, pusher props, free plans, depron foamies anything you want
long description:
* (You don't just have to build ARF planes anymore) Learn to build RC airplanes from scratch (as though you have been doing it for years). Using my tips, learn to build straight models that will fly.
* How To Set Up A Professional Building Area. Did you know you need to have a flat and level building surface? But what should I use to build on. We show you how to set it all up correctly so that you will always be organized and not become overwhelmed and makes mistakes.
* Easy to follow steps written for the beginner. You won't become frustrated trying to understand that vaguely written instruction manual.
* Learn SIMPLE TECHNIQUES FOR INSTALLING HINGES EASILY. You really only get one chance to glue hinges in place, so why not make it easy and use this technique.
* Terminology defined . We make it easier to reference and understand the terminology of radio control airplanes which will speed up your ability to build.

* Learn the building techniques equaling over 20 years of experience. No trial and error or time lost from attempting it yourself. No having to buy another model and equipment because you forgot a critical step (which means you crashed the plane). We have made every beginner mistake, and now you can avoid making the same mistakes.
* What supplies did I need? Don?t waste time with useless tools that will only frustrate you. Buy right the first time and save money buying the only tools you will ever need.
* Glues, so many types. How do I know what to get. With so many choices, we help you narrow it down to the only ones you will ever need. We promise. No needless confusion or worries. We will help you weed out what you don?t need.
* And Countless other building tips, too many to list here!

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
you will need to reserve accordingly
fee comments:
5 hours of crash course on how to make rc planes, trouble shooting etc, free rc plane plans, access cheap warehouses(80% cheaper than US items),Free email support any time to 3 months. All you pay is 50$ per person.
 session structure





Make your own Remote Control plane

live session

I will teach you how to make your own remote control plane. Ducted fans, pusher props, free plans, depron foamies anything you want

1h 0m

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
fee: 50US$  (500lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Jerry Thomas Azhakathu

description of :
I am an experienced RC plane maker and electronic hobbyist
Teacher's qualifications:
Years of experience
's preferred teaching style:
I use a web cam and mic

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