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The Power of Self Confidence In Sales

training & business skills

 with Mark Aguirre

short description:
mastering social dynamics in personal or business situations to increase results
long description:
How to easily converse with anyone and master simple secrets to captivating the listener and becoming a great conversationalist. Learn how to remember people's names, decipher body language, use proper questioning techniques and provide powerful, engaging and positive responses to everyday questions.

Understanding the importance of body language and non verbal communication: We discover how to place ourselves in more powerfully "perceived" social position using effective group dynamics, proper clothing, eye contact, language, first impression techniques, effective vocal tones and demeanor.

Public speaking: Addressing live audiences effectively by applying the 4 steps to successful sales "sizzle", increasing respect and avoiding pitfalls that sabotage the goal of the presentation. Perfect for those in college, fund-raising and group sales.

Influencing others: Strategies of leading people, building trust, assertive techniques that draw quality people to you and techniques to manipulate and motivate those to follow you. Apply psychologies, marketing sciences, common sense applications and influential tools" to get what you want without conflict or obstacles.

Job interviews: Specific techniques in proper questioning, building social proof and "reverse" psychologies that allow for better offers, higher pay and a greater success of being hired. Plus, secrets to more successful job hunting ideas, negotiating higher wages and securing future opportunities.

credits obtained:
minimum class size:
evenings, Saturday mornings.
fee comments:
Flexible and negotiable
 session structure





The Power of Self Confidence In Sales

live session

mastering social dynamics in personal or business situations to increase results

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: duration of class can range from 1-3 hours or can be offered in a series of 5 classes or more (approximately 1 hour in length each)

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 39US$  (390lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Mark Aguirre

description of :
I have been told all my life that my demeanor and personality belongs in front of an audience. My unique contribution to the profession is simple: I connect with almost anyone and I do a thorough job at keeping an audience interested and making things easy to understand.
I spent 6 years in front of high school audiences as a professional lecturer and educator. As a community education instructor at 5 community colleges now, my current audiences range in age from 15-65. For the last 3 years, there has been nothing more challenging and yet, so exciting as to strategically engage a diverse audience comprised of up to 3 very different generations?and to do it with total confidence and professionalism.

As a confidence coach and mentor, I speak the human language whether online, on video or in a personal, one-on-one session. The group that sits before me is a new generation of inquisitive minds to which I offer a taste of insight and simplicity to a complicated world. I speak about and share ?real life? applications to make topics easy to understand and to keep the group entertained, thinking and readily involved. I am liked, but I prefer to be respected. I can share a great story with helpful analogies and a positive spirit.

This is my how I contribute to this profession and how I hope to contribute to your team of educators at Cerritos College. It makes me feel good to share and enlighten others. They tell me it makes them feel pretty motivated too. Or who knows? Maybe it?s just the dimples.

Teacher's qualifications:
Mark D. Aguirre
2358 W. 249th St. Lomita, CA 90717

Professional Experience
Moshee Entertainment Marketing/ Killer Confidence Seminars / LNK Events
Owner / Event Marketing Specialist / Speaker: 7/2006 to present

? Coordinate and manage all marketing and promotional activities for 6-8 annual specialty events. Oversee all aspects of sales, venue contract negotiations, sponsorship arrangements, email campaigns, advertising and community relations.

? Coordinate all festivity operations including: hosting, hiring, lead generation, video production and photography. Update and design all website content, email advertising and media postings.

? Create, write and edit all proprietary coaching and seminar materials including power point and teaching manuals. Schedule and present 8-10 group speaking sessions per year and currently designing and producing an online class series for a future e-commerce endeavor.

Keller Graduate School of Management / DeVry University
Admissions Manager /Community Marketing Specialist/ Lecturer: 1/1997 - 6/2006

? Worked with campus leaders in organizing and managing university events, student and staff workshops and community education programs that ultimately led our region to 5 consecutive years as a top 3 national leader in business development and community service excellence.

? Recognized with over 36 prestigious awards for exemplary sales, public speaking and leadership accomplishments including national-level accolades for Assistant Director of the year 2001, 2003 and top national sales performance leader from 1998-2002.

? Re-developed and trained all new sales representatives as part of an intensive marketing regiment aimed at maximizing sales revenues, improving client retention rates and establishing creative marketing dynamics within the community public speaking campaigns. Additionally participated in the instruction of campus staff on client processing enhancement ? all of which contributed to the company?s growth of an astounding 20% per year over a 9 year period.

? Honored as a guest speaker to over 50 high schools and community colleges for 9 years.

EBI, International / Highline Marketing
Product Marketing Specialist: 5/1993 - 12/1996

? Successfully launched an array of high-end bath and hardware products from Germany. Worked under direct supervision of the CEO and was directly involved in all aspects of product development, packaging, merchandising, trade show promotion, sales, marketing and distribution into over 40 US distributors.


Keller Graduate School of Management - MBA / Marketing
University Of Texas - BBA / Marketing

's preferred teaching style:
My methods of teaching are simple and in layman's terms. I always apply examples as they are in real life - I love to use analogies.

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