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How to get your kids off of sugar and happy!

insights & perspectives

 with Jennifer Nyce

short description:
cure behavior problems, raise healthy children, ward off disease!
long description:
Hi I am a single mother of one and after my one year old being diagnozed with Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Chemical allergies, and then on top of that having a parasite, I had no choice but to eliminate sugar from her diet!!! Of course that was a challenge with a toddler, but speaking from experience, its possible!

I have to tell you, its like I have a whole new child! Her behavior is 90% improved (that last 10% is just the age I presume!). She is much more social and outgoing and seems to enjoy life a whole lot more!

At first it seemed daunting and difficult, but with the right tools you too can get your kids off of sugar and see a huge turnaround, not to mention, give them a great start to a healthy life! Its never too late!
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includes materials, recipies, ideas and email for further questions advice
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How to get your kids off of sugar and happy!

live session

cure behavior problems, raise healthy children, ward off disease!

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fee: 55US$  (550lp)
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United States

Jennifer Nyce

description of :
I have an Associates Degree in the Science of Liberal Arts, life coach, hosted numerous exchange students, church and community involvment
Teacher's qualifications:
Professional experience working for two prominant Pharmaceutical Companies, Administration, Computers
's preferred teaching style:
Patient, relaxed, interactive

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