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Tutoring and Paper writing

tutoring & advice

 with Marilyn Robb

short description:
Help with structuring, writing and editing your college or university papers and assignments.
long description:
I am a university professor in Education , with some psychology background and have been supervising theses and dissertations for many years. I can guide you through writing your paper or doing your research.
If you have already completed your paper or dissertation and you need editing to ensure a good quality paper that follows standards of academic writing, including proper referencing and citations, I can help you.
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all welcome
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Tutoring and Paper writing

live session

Help with structuring, writing and editing your college or university papers and assignments.

1h 0m

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fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

Trinidad and Tobago

Marilyn Robb

description of :
I am presently teaching at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago in the Education Department.
I am also an adjunct faculty member at Mouotn Saint Vincent Unviversity, Canada.
As an Educational Consultant I design and implement training and professional development programmes and workshops for educators, teachers, parents, students.
Teacher's qualifications:
Marilyn Robb
4, Paradise Boulevard
Paradise West
Trinidad and Tobago.
Home Phone 868-640-5664
Mobile Phone 868-735-6377

1995-1999 Ph.D. in Education. University of the West Indies, St.Augustine, Trinidad and
1986-1990 M.Phil. in Plant Science, University of the West Indies, St.Augustine, Trinidad and
1981-1982 M.Ed. in Secondary Education. Towson State University, Maryland, U.S.A.


2008-present Adjunct Faculty. Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia. Canada
I teach on the M.Ed. programme offered in Trinidad and Tobago. The courses I teach are Human Relations in Education and Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

2004-2008 Programme Administrator. Caribbean Institute for Research and Professional
Education, Ltd.
I administer the Caribbean Programmes in Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia,
(Postgraduate programmes in Education) offered by the University of Sheffield
(England). My duties include co-ordinating the M.Ed. and Ed.D. programmes, organising the Study Schools and tutorial sessions and supervising the tutors

2000-present University Lecturer. University of the West Indies, Trinidad
I teach part-time in the Education Department.

1999- 2008 Lecturer and Tutor. University of Sheffield, Caribbean Programmes
I taught the Guidance and Counselling module and some aspects of the
Educational Management, Foundations of Education and Educational Research
modules. I also tutored the students in these and other modules and I
supervised students planning and implementing their dissertations.

1991-present Education Consultant and Director, A Joyful Place.
I plan and implement programmes and workshops for Educational Change. I conduct Learning and Study Skills programmes for students. I do educational and personal counselling on a consultancy basis for organizations and individuals. I lead workshops in the areas of Professional Development, Self-Development, Educational Change, Parenting and Improving Learning Skills. I design and implement teacher training programmes. My main areas of interest are Mental Health in Education, Emotional Intelligence and Social and Emotional Learning.

1985-1991 Tutor. University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies
I taught Advanced Level Biology. I also functioned as the Assistant Supervisor of
the School for two years.

1983-1986 Wood Technologist. Caribbean Industrial Research Institute
I was involved in collecting data and conducting research on the anatomy and natural durability of tropical species of timber.

1979-1980 Teacher. Holy Rosary Catholic School, Baltimore, Md. U.S.A.
I taught Science and Social Studies to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

1977-1979 Teacher. St. Joseph?s Convent, Port-of-Spain.
I taught Biology, Physics and Chemistry to Forms 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Re-evaluation Counselling Teacher. I have been certified as a teacher of Re-evaluation Counselling. My special areas of expertise are in Educational Change. I now teach the Fundamentals and Advanced classes and lead support groups and workshops for teachers, parents, women and young people. I have been appointed the International Liberation Reference Person for Educational Change for the International Re-evaluation Counselling Community. My duties involve leading workshops and building leadership in the area of Educational Change in the communities around the world.

Building Supportive Learning Communities. This is a project that I have designed and have taken into the schools. The project involves conducting support groups for teacher, students and parents and training these groups in the use of supportive listening techniques and counselling skills to improve relationships in the school and the social and emotional environment in the classrooms, and building leadership for the sustaining of the project.

Freelance Writing. As an avenue for sharing my expertise and experience gained from my professional work and my opportunities to visit and work in many countries of the world, I have chosen to write non-fiction. I have written for various online publications, particularly in the area of parenting and education. I maintain my own website at


Jan 1994. Effective Counselling. Four-day workshop for representatives of the divisions of the Ministry of National Security. Trinidad.

April 1994. Effective Counselling. Four-day workshop for representatives of the Ministry of National Security. Tobago.

June 1994. Effective Counselling. Four-day workshop for police officers in the Ministry of National Security. Trinidad.

September. 1994. Improving Relationships. One-day workshop for teachers at St. Joseph?s Convent, St. Joseph, Trinidad.

May 1995. Effective Counselling. Four-day workshop for Medical Social Workers. Trinidad.

May 1995. Strategies used to explore and understand self. Presentation at a five-day workshop on Violence and the Young Male, Trinidad.

September. 1995. Effective Counselling in the Classroom. Two-day workshop for teachers. Trinidad.

August 1996. Changing the culture of the classroom. Workshop presentation at the conference for secondary school teachers on Educational Reform. Department of Education, Aruba

November 1996. Changing the culture of the classroom. Workshop and lecture presentation at the conference for primary and nursery school teachers on Educational Reform. Department of Education, Aruba.

1997-2000. Educating for peace and changing the culture of the classroom. I have been the consultant and trainer on this UNESCO -sponsored project in the Caribbean. This project involves training teachers in the use of a Curriculum for Social and Emotional Learning skills which I wrote for junior secondary school students and providing teachers with some skills in counselling to be used in the classroom. An important component of the programme was to train teachers in strategies for addressing their own emotional well-being in order to improve their functioning in the classroom. The main aim of the project is to build supportive, validating classroom environments in all schools in the Caribbean.

April 1998. Improving Relationships through improving self. Two half-day workshops for secretaries at National Gas Company. Trinidad.

April 1999. Taking a fresh look at education. Half-day workshop on Educational Change at the Munting Nayon, Greece.

May 1999. Emotional Education and Emotional Intelligence. A five-day workshop for principals, teacher trainers and teachers. Aruba.

October 1999. Educational Change. One-day workshop for educators, parents, administrators. Adelaide, Australia.

October 1999.Changing the culture of learning to truly humanize education for all. Half-day workshop for educators, parents, students. Sydney, Australia.

August 2000. Improving the Social and Emotional Climate in the Classroom. Presentation at the Public Education Conference for teachers. Department of Education, Curacao.

2001- 2004. PLUS (Peace, Love and Understanding in Schools). A whole school
project of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Trinidad and Tobago. I have
been a consultant and trainer on the programme. I have designed a series of workshops for teachers and parents on improving the climate of schools and introducing Social and Emotional Learning into the classrooms. In addition I have assisted in training the facilitators of the project and lead an on-going support group for them.

May 2004. Caring, Cooperation and Collaboration in Education. A 1-day workshop for educators and trainers. UNESCO, Curacao.

April 2005. Social and Emotional Learning. Two half day workshops for school administrators, teachers, and parents organised by the National Parent Organisation of Oslo, Norway.

June 2005. Understanding the Adolescent. A 1-day workshop for teachers. Organised by the Teachers? Union, Trinidad.

April 2006. Understanding the Adolescent. A 1-day workshop for teachers. Organised by the Teachers? Union, Trinidad.

October 2006. Presentation at conference: Rethinking Education in the Caribbean-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. A local Imperative in a Global Context. University of St.Martin. Paper entitled ?Social and Emotional Learning: Is it the missing piece in our schools.
April 2007. Emotional Intelligence for Creating a Caring, Collaborative, Cooperative School Climate. A 1-day workshop for the staff of Bishops High School, Tobago.
May 2007. Presentation at conference: Fostering Humanity through Civic Education Based on Competencies 8th International Meeting on
Education and Thinking. Aruba. May 2-5, 2007. Paper entitled ?Fostering Social
And Emotional Development in the School?.

November 2008. Presentation at conference; Interinsular Conference on Early
Childhood Quality Care. St.Maarten. Paper entitled ?Social and Emotional Well-
being in Early Childhood.

's preferred teaching style:
As a teacher I perform several functions, including providing a safe emotional environment that promotes good thinking; guiding the student through research; helping the student to solve learning problems. I strive to find the right balance between 'lecturing' and stimulating and supporting the student to think critically while exploring the written word and knowledge.
I try to present this material in more than one way to reach individual learning styles. Using visuals helps with this. Like so many other educators moving away from the 'chalk and talk' has become necessary. Presenting lectures must involve the students as much as possible so I present theory in short bits and then encourage thinking and questioning and sharing of their own thoughts and reactions and experiences in order for them to connect with the material.
Practical exercises and activities are included where helpful and relevant; as is group work.
In general I strive to have a lecture time that is stimulating and varied in presentation and process.


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