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tutor or paper writting in apa and mla format

tutoring & advice

 with Jessica Woods

short description:
will help you write effective papers in apa and mla formats
long description:
I am here to help you understand either apa format or mla format and even both, so that you can effectively write a paper in one or both those formats.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
i am available M-F 9am to 5pm and maybe later if discussed about it.
fee comments:
it is $25 dollars for the time that i spend to make sure that you understand when we are live online and for all the notes and everything i provide for you in the self-paced area. i ask that you pay up front but after the time of the tutor if you still or ever need help i will provide you a way to still gain that from me with no fee.
 session structure





Where are you at

live session

this is just to find out where you are at with writing papers, what format you need help with apa or mla or both, discuss anything you are confussed with, and allow you to ask any questions you have.

1h 0m

outline for the format you need.

review materials

once i know what format you need help writing for i will provide you with the out line that you need for that format


outline discussion

discussion group

this is set up so we can discuss the outline of the format that you need help with and you can ask any questions you may have.

1h 0m

supporting a thesis


we will discuss how to form and support a thesis for what ever format you need help with.

1h 0m



will descuss how to write paragraphs effectively and can ask anyquestions.

1h 0m



will discuss how to site sources the rite way and how to do quotations the rite way, and there is opertunity to ask any questions

1h 0m


review materials

outlines and steps of how to state citations the right way in the format you need help with.

1h 0m

putting everything together

discussion group

now is the time to put everything to gether and to ask any questions that you may still have and i made this discussion 2 hrs long so that all can be covered if you still need more help or have more questions.

1h 0m

copy of format

read book

with what ever formate you were getting help for i will provide you with a copy of that format apa or mla or both of an example paper and all outline information, steps, and any other information i think may be useful to your for the format. make sure you


references in library: 1

discussion forums: 3

downloadable materials in library: 6

    fee: 25US$  (250lp)
    payment: at booking
    delivery method: live online and self-paced

    Quick Help

    United States

    Jessica Woods

    description of :
    [[I love art and enjoy teaching others techniques and ways that they can use to improve their own artistic styles.]]
    Teacher's qualifications:

    's preferred teaching style:
    [[I am able to teach more effectivily online in a virtual classroom.]]

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