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Pharmacist Tutor Free

tutoring & advice

 with Deborah Wolf

short description:
I have been a Registered Pharmacist for (25) years.
long description:
I graduated in 1982 from Pharmacy College & have been a registered Pharmacist for (25) years. I want to give back to others by answering questions about their medications & health.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
9pm till 3pm Eastern Standard Time.
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Pharmacist Tutor Free

live session

I have been a Registered Pharmacist for (25) years.

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Pharmacist will answer your questions.


Do you have questions about your medications or health, I'll answer them for free, just log on.

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Retail & Mail Order Pharmacists


Retail & Mail order Pharmacists are so busy,many patients have questions they need to ask, ask them right here online.

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Sample questions


Sample questions might include: (1.)Is the generic drug as good as the name brand ? (2.) Will my Xanax make me drowsy ?

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My Heart & Forgetting To Brush


Can forgetting to brush affect your cardiovascular system ? You bet, dangerous bacteria can build up in our mouth and make their way into our vascular system.

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discussion forums: 2

languages: English
fee: free
delivery method: self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Deborah Wolf

description of :
I have a natural talent as a teacher,
I learned it from my mother, she has a teaching degree & an RN degree & she taught (20) yrs. in Allied Health. At the Fred Astaire studio, I would dance the senior citizen widow ladies around the floor. We did not have enough men to go around, so I learned the basic steps & danced the widows who had to sit most of the night. I also danced with others at the studio if they were free for a dance.
Teacher's qualifications:
I cannot upload my resume, see above.
's preferred teaching style:
I am excellent with conveying the written word on a computer, in grade school all the way through college, the other students would rather cut out their tongues than take an essay test. They would start to sweat & hyperventilate, & shake to death. Well, I tell you my friends I don't understand it myself,it is a mystery to me, but (9) out of (10) times
I would get an "A" on my essay exams through all those years. One time I missed an exam in school & the teacher was rather mean because she did not like me & she said to me rather smartly, "don't worry about the make up test, ALL my make up tests are essay tests." Well, I replied, "fine, I do well on essay tests." My friends, you can believe she was sorry she ever gave me that test because I wrote out the answers like I was the Charles Dickens of essay exams. After grading the exam her only reply to me was to walk over by my chair in class & say "you received a stellar grade on your exam." I don't know what happens to me, but for some strange reason I turn into a completely different person & just write it all out, it just pours out ? In the days I was in school, we received quite a few essay exams, I don't know that essay exams are given as much now as they used to.

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