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Ballroom Dancing Tutor --Swing Baby Swing !

tutoring & advice

 with Deborah Wolf

short description:
I've been a ballroom dancer for (18) years & Swing is my favorite, it fills me with joy !
long description:
I want to teach anyone for free how to do the BASIC (NOT ADVANCED) ballroom dance steps in the Swing (Jitterbug) Ballroom Dancing.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
9pm till 3pm EST.
 session structure





Ballroom Dance --Swing Baby Swing !

live session

I've been a ballroom dancer for (18) years.

1h 0m

Short Description

live session

Men & women can learn the basic steps for the ballroom dance called "The Swing."

1h 0m

Long Description

live session

Student will learn the basic steps to the ballroom dance called "Swing." The teacher will explain these steps to you online & will take questions & give individual tips talored to the students needs & level of understanding.

1h 0m

Level of Difficulty

live session


1h 0m

Minimum Per Class

live session


1h 0m


live session


1h 0m

Swing --Basic Ballroom Dance Steps

live session

This class will give the basic ballroom dance steps for the dance called "Swing."

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: free
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Deborah Wolf

description of :
I have a natural talent as a teacher,
I learned it from my mother, she has a teaching degree & an RN degree & she taught (20) yrs. in Allied Health. At the Fred Astaire studio, I would dance the senior citizen widow ladies around the floor. We did not have enough men to go around, so I learned the basic steps & danced the widows who had to sit most of the night. I also danced with others at the studio if they were free for a dance.
Teacher's qualifications:
I cannot upload my resume, see above.
's preferred teaching style:
I am excellent with conveying the written word on a computer, in grade school all the way through college, the other students would rather cut out their tongues than take an essay test. They would start to sweat & hyperventilate, & shake to death. Well, I tell you my friends I don't understand it myself,it is a mystery to me, but (9) out of (10) times
I would get an "A" on my essay exams through all those years. One time I missed an exam in school & the teacher was rather mean because she did not like me & she said to me rather smartly, "don't worry about the make up test, ALL my make up tests are essay tests." Well, I replied, "fine, I do well on essay tests." My friends, you can believe she was sorry she ever gave me that test because I wrote out the answers like I was the Charles Dickens of essay exams. After grading the exam her only reply to me was to walk over by my chair in class & say "you received a stellar grade on your exam." I don't know what happens to me, but for some strange reason I turn into a completely different person & just write it all out, it just pours out ? In the days I was in school, we received quite a few essay exams, I don't know that essay exams are given as much now as they used to.

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