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Introduction to Research Report Writing


 with Shari Hodgkinson

short description:
teaches students about the structure of research reports, what information goes where, writing style, tables and figures and referencing. I can also offer editing and suggestions for anyone currently writing a reserch report, professionally or for univers
long description:
Research Report writing:
-what is it and why do we do it?
-report structure explained
-tables & figures
-referencing (APA style)

-writing for your audience
- editing
-tips and hints
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
 session structure






live session

Research Report writing explained
-why we do it
-who we do it for
-the structure explained

0h 30m

Starting the report- the Introduction

live session

Writing the Introduction to the report
-subject matter
-literature reviews

0h 30m

Method Section

live session


0h 30m


live session

results Section
-presenting analyses

0h 30m


live session

What to put in the discussion
-interpreting your results
-returing to the content of the introduction

0h 30m


live session

How to reference APA style

0h 30m

Editing and Submitting

live session

how to present your paper
writing style

0h 30m

total duration: 3h 30m over 7 session(s)
comments: n.a.

references in library: 1

discussion forums: 3

languages: English
duration: 3h 30m over 7 session(s)
fee: 120US$  (1200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help


Shari Hodgkinson

description of :
I am a university lecturer and tutor, I enjoy working from home which is why I am offering these online courses.
I have experience teaching psychology, nursing, education, philosophy and general studies students.
I enjoy teaching social psychology, environmental psychology,
statistics, research methods and design, general psychology,
developmental psychology, report writing, essay writing and political psychology
Teacher's qualifications:
Bachelor of Psychology with Honors
PhD in social psychology
part completion of a Master of Business Administration
I have four years experience as a university lecturer
and have also acted as a training coordinator for other academics for the past three years
I teach at Murdoch University and also at Notre Dame University
's preferred teaching style:
My main aim in teaching is to make the information relevant to the particular student.
It's no use learning something if you can't see the application of it!
Therefore, I tend to present information for consideration, ask for thoughts and feedback on
the information, present an exercise that uses the information in some way, give feedback on the exercise
and then later return to the information and ask the student to present it back to
me in a useful manner,
perhaps as part of a larger learning activity.


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