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Master Guitar Instructor and Music Coach

professional services

 with T R Taylor

short description:
Begining to Masters level Guitar, Music Theory, Band and Studio Setup, Marketing your Talents
long description:
Instructors have been teaching music and Guitar lessons for a combined 40 plus years. Lessons offered are music theory, beginning guitar, Fretboard mastery, Tone, Acoustics and Electronics, Studio Work, Band Setup. Equipment purchasing and Marketing your Talents.

Cochrane Arts and Music Project (CAMP).

Instructors teach daily and offer 2 hour and 4 hour sessions.
minimum class size:
Instructors are available from 9am central standard time until 9pm. monday - friday. Other times can be arranged. Instructors can do a conference are video link directly to your computer. So instructions can take place as if we are in the same room.
fee comments:
fees are per hour. based on a two hour daily minimum. Discount credits are awarded for donations to CAMP. 2 credits per 1 dollar donated. So that's half price if you donate your fee to CAMP
 session structure





Master Guitar Instructor and Music Coach

live session

Begining to Masters level Guitar, Music Theory, Band and Studio Setup, Marketing your Talents

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 23US$  (230lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

T R Taylor

description of :
We have several instructors. All versed in Guitar and Music. We will match an instructor to you, depending on your level, skills and request.
Teacher's qualifications:
Instructors are all self taught, highly motovated people. All are dedicated to insuring your success, as well of the sucess of our service to you. please checkout our web page at
's preferred teaching style:
Instuctors teach basic blues and country style guitar. With the flexibility to instructors in other styles of Guitar from Rap to Classical.

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