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Economics at Undergraduate or College Level

tutoring & advice

 with Stanly Fernandez

short description:
Introductory, Micro Economics, Macro Economics supplemented with graphical and mathematical/excel models
long description:
I am lecturer at undergraduate or college level. I have taught for U.K and Australian universities. I use a blended learning approach even for my face to face classes.

You can pose your difficulties to me. I will extract from my lessons and then instruct you. I use a mixture of graphical, mathematical, excel models and case studies.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
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Economics at Undergraduate or College Level

live session

Introductory, Micro Economics, Macro Economics supplemented with graphical and mathematical/excel models

1h 0m

discussion forums: 1

fee: 30US$  (300lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Stanly Fernandez

description of :
I am a passionate educationists. I have taught and directed people in teaching courses. I love to see people realize their learning ambitions. My student successes motivate me.

I have a Master's Degree from National University of Singapore; typically in the top 50 universities in the world, I last saw the Times ranking a few years ago. My major are Economics and Finance. I am also pretty sound in Accounting, Statistics and Management Science.

I had lectured Economics, Finance and Accounting for University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (now part of University of Manchester, U.K.) and MacQuarie University (Australia) at undergraduate level. I am also very technically sound to teach Statistices and Management Science.

While I teach face to face classes, I have used online tools. I believe that blended learning is the way to go.

Besides lecturing, I have also trained people on IT and on IT based software tools. I have consulted and trained teachers nationwide in Singapore. I had developed training courses for the Information Technology government authority in Singapore. The training couses were conducted in public libraries.
Teacher's qualifications:
Besides my Masters, I have also attended short training at the teachers college (National Institute of Education) in Singapore. I learnt to manage classes and manage learning objectives.
's preferred teaching style:
I start with theoretical approach. I use graphical approach to aid understanding. I further use mathematical models when necessary which can further be translated into an Excel model to further enhance understanding. Lastly I use case studies; a very practical way to understand.

The flow should be instruction, examples, drill and practice, self paced exercises, tests, review, assignment to be review in next sesion. This is repeated for every learning outcome.

I conduct a data modelling course. This course is great to 1)convert your learning into practical working models e.g. demand and supply, firm profit maximization and 2)enhance your understanding. For me this was the difference between a C and A in Master's courses. I am sure students can derive the same from the data model approach.

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