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Who You Are, Where You're Going, Where You've Been...

insights & perspectives

 with Vida Lodge

short description:
Intuit with 15 years experience providing psychic/intuitive readings via divination and instinct. Past, present, future, those you've met along the way: I can help you with questions and spiritual needs.
long description:
+ I have 15 years of experience providing intuitive/psychic readings online and in person, for companies and privately. I can help you shed light on your past, present, and future. I have experience with past life readings and can instruct you on unique past life discovery methods.
+ I use many cultural divination methods including Tarot, Runes, medicine bones, astragals, dominoes & many more and can help you through these tools, and help you learn how to use them.
+ I receive instinctual messages and on occasion, can pick up on something signaled by your or my spirit guides and deceased loved ones. (I am not a medium, so I cannot provide full readings with the dead.)
+ I am also a Reiki master/teacher and can harness this energy to identify physical aspects such as health. I can help you learn methods of energy healing.
+ I am proficient in Numerology and spiritual symbolism; I can teach and interpret symbols in omens, dreams, and encounters as well as tell you what symbols in your life signify for you (such as favourite colour, favourite animal, etc.).
+ I can also instruct you on many spiritual practices and how to harness your own intuitive powers.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Available at varying times throughout the day and some nighttime hours.
fee comments:
To reduce session interruption, fees are requested at time of session booking.
 session structure





Who You Are, Where You're Going, Where You've Been...

live session

Intuit with 15 years experience providing psychic/intuitive readings via divination and instinct. Past, present, future, those you've met along the way: I can help you with questions and spiritual needs.

0h 30m

total duration: 0h 30m over 1 session(s)
comments: Sessions offered in 30 minute increments to allow for maximum absorption and breaks to ensure physical comfort (sitting at the computer requires breaks!) and no lapse in attention span. Number of sessions is unlimited; schedule/request as you need them or as new topics are covered. Pick and choose which types of topics you'd like to cover--requesting readings, learning intuition, practicing divination, Reiki, and more!

languages: English
duration: 0h 30m
fee: 6US$  (60lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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United States

Vida Lodge

description of :
My occult studies began at age 13, though I have always had special insights and intuitive gifts. My earliest gifts manifested in contact with spirits. I began working with Runes and Tarot at 13 and as I studied various world religions, added numerous other forms of divination to my repertoire. These include Chinese methods, Vodou and Santeria methods, various pagan methods, unique methods, ancient Greek methods, Hoodoo methods, and more. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher 8 years ago and have performed healing on numerous people and animals, and taught others Reiki skills. I'm efficient, friendly and detailed. You will enjoy my sessions and feel safe with me!
Teacher's qualifications:
- 15+ year intuit/psychic - provided readings through companies such as 800Psychic and Keen, and private readings one-on-one and via eBay.
- Reiki Master/Teacher - Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Tacyon Reiki, and Crystal healing
- Created and instructed methods of past life divination via Tarot and talking boards. This course has been distributed in eBook and Universal Class.
- Great teacher with wide understanding of world religion, spirituality, and psychic arts. Between working at metaphysical stores alongside talented psychics and alternative healing experts & employment moderating large religion and spirituality communities online, I have a great deal of exposure, sensitivity, and knowledge.
- I also offer an open heart and mind, strict protection of your privacy, gentle counseling/advice, and compassion.
Bachelor's degree in Psychology (my sessions should not be construed as licensed counseling; when in doubt about your psychological state, always seek a licensed counselor)
- I am prepared to help you answer your questions and gain insight!
's preferred teaching style:
Live text chat, interactive whiteboard (if necessary), document sharing (if necessary), web page broadcasting, library use & recommendations

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