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Orthopaedic surgery: Why, when and how a hip prosthesis?


 with Margareta Berg-P?rier

short description:
An easily understandable explanation about the indications and techniques used for replacing a hip joint.
long description:
1. History
2. The most common diagnoses
3. When should a hip be operated?
4. When should a hip not be operated?
5. How do we do it?
6. After surgery
7. Common questions
level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
fee comments:
 session structure





Orthopaedic surgery: Why, when and how a hip prosthesis?

live session

An easily understandable explanation about the indications and techniques used for replacing a hip joint.

2h 0m

total duration: 2h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: n.a.

languages: English
duration: 2h 0m
fee: 200US$  (2000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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Margareta Berg-P?rier

description of :
I love to talk to an audience and make everybody enthusiastic about the actual subject.
I have worked for 20 years as an orthopaedic surgeon. In 1992 I defended my PhD thesis about air-cleaning systems for operating theatres. In 1996 a new career started in medical informatics, regarding the development of EPR (electronic patient records) for hospital care. In 1998 I became the head of the informatics department of a hospital group consisting of 5 units, with 5000 employees and 2500 PC:s in an internal network.
Teacher's qualifications:
Education: 1975 College exam, mean grade 5,0 (maximum grade=5, minimum grade 1), 1976-1981 University of G?teborg Medical School, 1981-1983 Internship ?stra University Hospital G?teborg, 1983-1992 Research education for PhD degree 1992 at the University of G?teborg (?Ultraviolet Light in Operating Rooms? based on original articles in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and the Journal of Arthroplasty). The research programme was performed parallel to full time clinical work in orthopedic surgery.

Employments: 1980-1992 ?stra University Hospital G?teborg Dept of Orthopedics. Specialist degree 1988, Voluntary board exam 1990. 1992-1998 Skene Lasarett, consultant orthopedic surgeon.
1996-1998 Projectleader in Medical Informatics project including 4 regions. 1998-- Head of Informatics department NU-Sjukv?rden.
1998-- Member of the National Council of Medical informatics in the Health Care
2000-- Skandinavian representative in the Norwegian National Research Councils Programme board for Medical informatics.

's preferred teaching style:
I am extremely structured, taking every subject stepwise with lists of headlines, subheadlines etc to make the subject logical and more easily understood. If possible pictures or drawings made during the lession are very useful to me.

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