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Basic Web Design


 with Billy Jackson

short description:
This is a beginners level course utilizing HTML for designing a basic web page
long description:
This 10 session course covers the basics of web design using HTML. In this course you will learn the basic steps needed to conceptualize, plan and design your web site using HTML coding.

Topics covered in this course are as follows;
1. Choosing an HTML editor
2. Concepts and Planning
3. Basic coding skills, syntax, syntax errors
4. Working with files, links and tables
5. Visual appeal factors: Type, color, image size
6. Best design practices
7. Proof reading, and common design errors
8. Saving the files
9. Choosing an FTP program, FTP Basics
10. Loading the files to a server and going live.

By the ed of this course the student will be able to preform the steps necessary to plan and design a basic website that can be viewed on the World Wide Web. This course includes handouts and practical step-by-step exercises and guides to walk the student through the process.
level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
Availability is M - F 8am CST - 2:00pm CST
fee comments:
 session structure





Basic Web Design

live session

This is a beginners level course utilizing HTML for designing a basic web page

10h 0m

total duration: 10h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: The course is split into ten one hour sessions and is offered as an online or self-paced course.

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
duration: 10h 0m
fee: 50US$  (500lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Billy Jackson

description of :
I've been involved with training for almost 20 years now. I started out teaching in-service classes for my hometown fire department when I was 19 years old. Back then I taught such subjects as Search and Rescue, SCBA usage, Pump operations and fire ground safety. These days I tend to do more user training on hardware and software, as well as the occasional web design or graphics lecture.
Teacher's qualifications:
Work Experience
Southern Cross Graphics Hohenwald, TN 8-1986-Present
Free Lance Graphic Artist / Web Development and Design
I have been a free lance graphic artist since 1986. My background in this area covers everything from design of corporate logos, web graphics, and advertising related graphics for both print and web use. I have a strong background with the following digital graphics programs; Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, and ULead PhotoImpact. I have a well-rounded background in HTML, Javascript, and other web interface technologies.
? Awarded Sons of Confederate Veterans Gen. Samuel Cooper Award for Web Design Excellence in 2002 (International Award)
? Awarded Tennessee SCV's Ellsworth Award for Web Design Excellence in 2002
Penske Logistics Spring Hill, TN 5-2001-2-2002
Systems Implementation / Training Development
I was tasked with the development of comprehensive training program for all new hires during plant start-up. After the program was developed, I administered the training to the new hires, supervised the loading of inventory data into the Warehouse Management System, verified data handling, and monitored job performance of the staff.
? Developed comprehensive training program based on the clients software, which sped up the start-up process
? Delivered training to over 200 employees in one week
? Implemented Wide Area Network transfer of inventory scan data
Local Government Data Processing Columbia, TN 1-1998-9-2000
Regional Systems Administrator / Court Systems Representative
In the position of Regional Systems Administrator, I was responsible for the daily operations of a 300 user WAN with 2 Novell NetWare servers and 1 Novell GroupWise e-mail server. Tasks included new hardware install, troubleshooting of network components and cabling, software installation, server maintenance, and new user software training in MS Office, and Novell Products.
As a Courts Systems Representative, I was tasked with the installation of Sco-Unix based servers that ran our proprietary TCAST court software. This included the troubleshooting of the Unix specific network components, cabling, installation and configuration of the equipment and software, and training the users to properly operate the system. In this position I also tested new applications prior to release, and assisted the development staff in the design process.
? Training Development
? Wide Area and Local Area network administration
? Software testing
Lewis County Sheriff's Department Hohenwald, TN 9-1994-2-2001
Facility Training Officer / Deputy Sheriff
As a Facility Training Officer, I was responsible for the training of new employees in the corrections division of the department. This involved the development and delivery of in-service education programs to maintain the facility certification with the State of Tennessee. This further involved the development of lesson plans, testing modules, and the reporting of all training activity to the State of Tennessee.
As a Deputy Sheriff, I was tasked with enforcement of all state and local criminal and traffic statutes.
? Lesson plan development
? Comprehensive training development to meet State requirements
Lewis County Emergency Management Hohenwald, TN 1993 - 2004
Training Coordinator

As the Training Coordinator for this agency, I was tasked with developing a training outline, and acquiring the necessary training for the members of the agency. This involved the design and delivery of in-service training sessions as well as procuring training resources from State and Federal Agencies.

Other professional data available upon request

- Course Design and Development
- Training development and delivery
- Graphic Design for print, and computer based media
- Project Management

's preferred teaching style:
I have a more relaxed approach to teaching. Rather than being an "in your face" kind of instructor, I tend to give the students a certain amount of freedom to express themselves. I feel that this allows them to open up more and participate more than they would if they felt oppressed my my teaching style. I like to provide lots of practical applications for my students to work with as I feel this helps them retain the knowledge better than a straight-forward lecture would. I'm fair with my students; if they show an honest effort, I take that into account. However, if they slack off, and make no real effort, their grade will reflect that.

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