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TUTORING fo Elementary Students needing help

tutoring & advice

 with Shandrika Grevious

short description:
Tutoring in Math, English, Reading, & Writing
long description:
Hello, are you or your child in need of a tutor?

Well, I am looking to help students in elementary ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade in subjects: Math, English, Reading, & Writing.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday - Thursday 12:00pm-11:00pm
Friday 12:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Times vary due to Time Zones (I am in Central Time Zone)

But I can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with a 2 day notice)
fee comments:
All sessions are booked 1 hour and 10 minutes in length. 1hr 10 min
 session structure





TUTORING fo Elementary Students needing help

live session

Tutoring in Math, English, Reading, & Writing

1h 0m

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Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 20 December 2006 22:00 internet time: @958 | view full details |

languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Shandrika Grevious

description of :
As a Tutor, I have a dedicated passion for tutoring/teaching and I am very patient. I believe in helping students master concepts where they are having difficulty. I am also open for new styles of learning and teaching. Anybody can teach, but you have to have a passion for tutoring/teaching. It takes a lot of patience to work with young children because there will be days when a student just doesnt want to cooperate. Patience is a must.
Teacher's qualifications:
I have a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice(with minor in Sociology & English).

I am currently in the process of obtaining a teacher's certification as well as attending Law School.

I have been tutoring/teaching for several years and one of my first jobs was a teacher's assistant.

I currently tutor Elementary students for math and all grades for Reading/English.
's preferred teaching style:
First, I like to ask questions to see where the student is at. Meaning, what seems easy and difficult to them. I don't believe in providing answers. You can't learn from just getting answers, you have to know why and how did you get the answer to the problem or question. I don't like to lecture a lot and ramble on and on because it gets quite boring, so I believe in involving the student in daily activities. Although it is not mandatory, Homework will be assigned because it reinforces what you have learned and it test to see your problem areas. If you can do your Homework without any help, then you have mastered the lesson. I also like to help students master new material as oppose to keep working on the same material that they already know. A brief recap of the previous lesson will be presented. If a student has additional homework, assignments, or questions or whatever,I am always dedicated to help. I like students to ask many many questions even if its 100 questions, because if you do not understand something and do not ask, then you will never know.

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