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Liturgical Christianity: A Short Course

non-degree programmes

 with Amanda Demers

short description:
What is liturgical Christianity and what are its biblical origins?
long description:
Liturgical Christians (Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, and other groups) make up the largest group of Christians worldwide. Yet, most of today's Christian culture represents groups that are newer in origin. Who are liturgical Christians? What scriptural proof is there for these groups' practices? How do liturgical Christians differ from evangelicals, charismatics and other common groups? This course will examine how doctrine was understood in the apostlic (New Testament) and later eras, the Scriptures that support the basic beliefs of liturgical Christians, differences between liturgical Christianity and other groups, and some examples of contemporary liturgical Christians (Catholic and Protestant).
credits obtained:
minimum class size:
I will be available to answer questions by email.
fee comments:
 session structure





Liturgical Christianity: A Short Course

live session

What is liturgical Christianity and what are its biblical origins?

1h 0m

What is Liturgical Christianity

review materials

How does liturgical Christianity differ from, say, evangelical or charismatic Christianity?

1h 0m

Early Christian History

review materials

How did the early Christians worship?

1h 0m

Development of Christian Worship

review materials

How did Christian worship develop during the early Middle Ages?

1h 0m

The Reformation & Big Changes

review materials

How Christian worship changed during the Reformation

1h 0m

Modern Liturgical Churches

review materials

What are some of the modern liturgical churches?

1h 0m

Worship Today

review materials

How do liturgical Christians worship today?

1h 0m

total duration: 7h 0m over 7 session(s)
comments: The curriculum is designed to allow for an hour of study a week for four weeks. Those who read quickly will probably finish in less than an hour.

discussion forums: 2

languages: English
duration: 7h 0m over 7 session(s)
fee: 10US$  (100lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Amanda Demers

description of :
I've been the webmaster of a liturgical Christianity-oriented site for three years, and am a recently-commissioned Eucharistic Minister.
Teacher's qualifications:
Current: Small Business Owner (The Celtic Rebel)
I am currently in the start-up stages of a mail order/Internet retail business owned by myself and a family member. We specialize in a variety of goods from handmade jewelry and rosaries to books and CD's from independent artists and authors. My job includes maintaining our website, processing orders, and promotions.

October 2001-June 2005: Volunteer Community Leader (AOL)
My duties as a community leader involve welcoming new members to the messageboard that I host, assisting members with using the board and AOL software, keeping the discussion on topic, and notifying AOL of any problems that occur. I left the program only because AOL was discontinuing it.

October 2002-July 2003: Retail Merchandiser (Hallmark)
As a retail merchandiser, my job involved keeping the card department neat, re-ordering product, setting up seasonal displays, preparing unsold product to be returned to the company after a holiday, periodic spot audits, and inventory preparation.

September 1998-June 1999: Library Page (Town of Andover, MA)
When I worked as a library page, I was assigned to the Interlibrary Loan department. I assisted the ILL staff with office tasks, helped fill orders, and prepared items for shipment. Prior to that, I was a volunteer at the same library.

September 1994-November 1998 Political Volunteer
I was a volunteer for a Massachusetts state representative for two of his campaigns, and helped by answering phones, doing mailings, making calls to remind voters of the election, and other help around the office as needed.

Other Skills/Information:
Licensed Eucharistic Minister in my denomination
HTML/web design
Microsoft Office experience
7 years of Internet experience


's preferred teaching style:
My teaching methods for this course will allow students to learn at their own pace while still allowing for interaction with me.

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