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Managing YOUR Stress


 with Eileen Burns

short description:
A course in stress management for individuals.
long description:
Learn what stress is, how to manage your stress, self development tools and relaxation techniques. This is based on a workshop I normally run over 4 sessions between 6-8 hours.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday 27th September 7.30-10pm Mondays onwards

fee comments:
 session structure





Stress Evaluation Sheet


Fill in your stress evaluation sheet.

0h 10m

What is Stress ?

live session

Discuss what stress is and how it affects us mentally, physically and emotionally.

1h 0m

Stress Journal

prepare assigment

Identifying your stress each day with a stress journal.

1h 0m

Managing YOUR Stress

live session

Using various tools and techniques to help reduce and manage your stress more effectively. A balanced lifestyle and time management

1h 30m

Time Management

prepare assigment

Analyise a typical busy day of the week.

1h 0m

Self Development

live session

Building confidence & self esteem. Affirmations

1h 0m

Self Development Notes

listen to music

Review notes on confidence building and assertiveness, identify situations where you may be non-assertive, aggressive and assertive.

1h 0m

Relaxation Techniques

live session

Learn various tools and techniques to help relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, muscle relaxation and creative visualisation.

1h 30m

Open Discussion

discussion group


1h 0m

Personal Review

prepare assigment

Use your Stress Journal and Time Management results to write a 100 word paragraph on what areas of your life you find stressful at the moment and any of the tools you have found helpful and feel you will benefit from in the longterm.

1h 0m

total duration: 10h 9m over 10 session(s)
comments: Will run approx over 5 sessions of 1 & 30 hours plus approx 4 hours on students own time

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 04 October 2004 07:00 internet time: @333 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 10h 9m over 10 session(s)
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United Kingdom

Eileen Burns

description of :
I am a part time sessional tutor for the local council and community education. I have taught aromatherapy, self development including assertiveness, confidence building, stress management and healing arts. Self employed I have worked as a vocal tutor, dressmaker/design tutor and presently workshops in self development particularly stress management. I am presently studying to be a recognised Stress Advisor recognised by Primary Health Care.

Teacher's qualifications:
Diploma in Anatomy, Diploma in Aromatherapy,
First & Second Degree in Reiki,
Certification- Stress Management,
NC-counselling,psychology,stressful situations
HNC- Rock Music (performer vocals)
ONC- Clothing Studies C & G- Clothing Craft

's preferred teaching style:
I enjoy interactive style teaching, chalk & talk and working with students at their own pace. I particularly enjoy working in small groups and one to one sessions.

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