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Accounting and Bookkeeping-Career and Intermediate Level


 with Mary Johnson

short description:
Step by step course that will teach you the accounting Process
long description:
This course will teach you step by step the accounting process. All material needed to complete this course will be uploaded and provided for you by the instructor online. This course is for students that know little or nothing about accounting but is also advanced for accountants that just want to brush up on accounting. We will cover in the first course:

Six Steps to success--Schedule, Motivate, Focus, Read, review, and look ahead.

The language of business--The process of accounting and its critical function within a business. Different types of businesses are introduced, and you will also explore numerous career opportunities in accounting.

Analyzing Business Transactions--The accounting equation, a simple mathematical statement upon which the entire accounting process is based. You will see how this equation is used to analyze business transactions (events). You will also learn how the effect of these transactions is summarized and reported in basic financial statements.

Using T Accounts--You will continue to learn to analyze and record business transactions. However, you will learn to use debits and credits and T accounts, rather than just increases and decreases in elements of the accounting equation, in completing this process. Transaction information will be summarized in a report called a trial balance, then you will once again prepare the income statement, statement of owner?s equity, and balance sheet.

The General Journal and the General Ledger--journalize transactions and post journal entries. Journalizing will involve analyzing transactions as you did in the previous lesson; you will simply record them in a journal rather than a T account. Then you will post information form the journal to the accounts. As in the previous lesson, a trial balance will be prepared after all journal entries are posted. This lesson focuses on the flow of data through the accounting information system within a business.

Time Management--In this lesson we will go over some basic time management skills that are necessary for life and career.

Adjustments and the worksheet--We will focus on accounting work necessary at the end of an accounting period, after regularly occurring transactions have been journalized and posted, but before the financial statements are prepared. You will learn how to prepare adjusting entries and the work sheet. You will learn how to compute depreciation by several alternative methods.

In the second course we will pick up where we are going to leave off. Starting with Financial Statements and the Closing Process. As a student of this course, you will learn how it's done! Step by step, you will receive a solid foundation of knowledge and this course will teach you the practical accounting skills that are needed in the "real world."
You will learn:

Course Description

Introduction to Accounting- The purpose of accounting; the accounting process; the types of ownership structures and businesses; developing better writing skills; career opportunities in accounting.

Analyzing Business Transactions- Assets, liabilities, and owner's equity; the accounting equation; analyzing business transactions; the effect of transactions on the accounting equation; interpreting the various types of financial statements.

The Double-Entry Framework- Understanding the T account; balancing a T account; figuring debits and credits; summarizing the analysis of a transaction; revenues and expenses; the trial balance; a demonstration problem.

Journalizing and Posting Transactions- The flow of data; the chart of accounts; source documents for journals and their purposes; the general journal; the general ledger; the four-column account; posting process steps in the ledger account and journal; finding and correcting errors in the trial balance.

Time Management- Improving your productivity--as a student and later in your career.

Adjusting Entries and The Work Sheet- How to prepare end-of-period adjustments and work sheets; finding errors on the work sheet; journalizing and posting adjusting entries to the general ledger.

This course is self paced, you may go as slow or as fast as you would like. The material is easy to understand, and there is plenty of tests and homework to re-enforce what you are learning. Once you have completed the courses, you will be qualified to get an entry-level job in accounting.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Class meeting time is every Saturday between 10am-1pm. I am available via e-mail anytime.
fee comments:
This course fee is due upon booking. The content is very easy to understand and if you are serious about accounting this course is for you.
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Accounting and Bookkeeping-Career and Intermediate Level

live session

Step by step course that will teach you the accounting Process

1h 0m

Review of Lesson 1

live session

This session will cover lesson one.

1h 0m

Review of Lesson 2

live session

This session will cover all of lesson 2.

1h 0m

Review of lesson 3

live session

This session will cover all of Lesson 3.

1h 0m

total duration: 4h 0m over 4 session(s)
comments: n.a.

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    duration: 4h 0m over 4 session(s)
    fee: 65US$  (650lp)
    payment: at booking
    delivery method: live online and self-paced

    Quick Help

    United States

    Mary Johnson

    description of :
    I have an associate degree in accounting and I am a Certified Bookkeeper. I have been working in the accounting field for the past 6 years. I will be your instructor in this course and we will be working very closely together throughout this course. I am here to help you suceed. If you have any questions you may contact me through the forums, e-mail, or chat. I will answer all e-mail and forum postings. Feel free to contact me when you have a question. We will be having a class meeting every Saturday between 10AM and 1PM Pacific Time. This class meeting time is a required part of this course and I hope to see all students attending.
    Teacher's qualifications:
    8131 Waterworks Road Marysville, WA 98271 HM.
    Mary Johnson
    Objective To help students in their quest to success.
    Experience 2001-2003 Simple Solutions Marysville , WAOwner / Manager? Increased the efficiency of the accounting system.? Managed the daily entries of all accounts.? Complete all management and accounting duties.
    1999-2002 Crystal Clear Seattle, WAAccounts Receivable Manager? Increased the efficiency of the accounting system.? Managed the daily entries of all receivables and payables.? Completed all closing entries in the department.
    1997-1999 Sand Step Motel Carolina Beach, NCManager? Increased booking of the rooms by 35% by advertisements.? Managed the employees time.? Helped with the bookkeeping and accounting with assistance from a certified accountant.? Managed all reservations, check-ins, and check-outs.

    Education 1993 Canterbury Career Las Vegas, NV? Certificate of Achievement , Certificate of Completion? Business Management & Business Communications.1995 Nevada Reality School Las Vegas, NV ? Certificate of Achievement? Real Estate Correspondence1997 Nevada Career Reno, NV? Associate Degree? Bookkeeping and Accounting
    Interests Teaching, horse back riding, running, gardening, music, and computers.

    's preferred teaching style:
    Reading Material

    Everything you need to complete this course is uploaded to the class. There are no extra books to purchase. This course is self-paced. You may start when you are ready and complete in your own time.

    Grading Policy

    Your grades in this course are based on Class participation, assignments, posting to the forums, and Examinations. 10% of your grade is based on attendance to the Saturday chat room at 9am - 10am Pacific Time. 60% is examinations. 20% is assignments. 10% is participation in other class activities such as Forums area, polls, and surveys.

    Certificates and Achievements

    If you are still wondering why you should take this course then think about 5 years from now, are you still going to be doing the same thing you are doing now or are you going to be working in a better career.

    To receive Certificates in this course you will need to participate in all class activities.

    To receive a letter of recommendation you will need to carry at least a B average or 80%.

    There will only be 3 awards in this course:

    ? Certificate of Attendance ? Will be issued if you attend all of the Class Chats. This is where we will be holding our class discussions and we will be having lectures periodically. Class chat will be every Saturday.
    ? Certificate of Outstanding Achievement ? Will be issued to all students that complete all of the assignments, Lessons, and tests.
    ? Certificate of Academic Excellence -- Is the hardest certificate to get awarded. You must complete all components of the course, participate in all class activities and carry a grade average above 85%.

    You can get a letter of recommendation after completing this course and complying with all of the requirements. You will need to request the letter of recommendation at the end of the course. I will issue these letters on case-by-case basis. You will need to carry at least a 75% in order to be able to request this recommendation.


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