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Application for the position of trainer/ tutor

training & business skills

 with Rajesh Ranjit

short description:
Online teachers' trainer, subject expert tutoring for school students in the age groups of 5-16 years, insights & perspectives,. Professional services
long description:
Application for the position of Online
teacher/tutor as a subject expert( English,
Social science, Environment science including
sustainable development, business studies,
entrepreneurship, legal studies & Behavioural
sciences), Master trainer ( teachers' training in
innovative methods & soft skills training
including communication, leadership, critical &
analytical thinking, value education & 21st
century life skills) & Content/ curriculum

Dear Madam/Sir,

Greetings of the day.

I'm particularly interested in associating with
meaningful online educational projects which
relates strongly to my over 20 years of
experience in teaching, planning, training,
curriculum development, human resource
management, general administration, education,
educational assessment, educating-learning
processes and student/parent relations. Please
find attached, my new detailed CV.

I hail from Kerala and know English and Hindi
quite well. I am presently based at Lucknow.

I am now seeking to combine my teaching and
school leadership experience with my passion for
mentoring and coaching new and aspiring students
& teachers to provide a joyful, meaningful and
creative environment to children from all stratas
of society.In the Schools I’ve led, Effective
interventions in the teaching learning processes
have enabled me to establish holistic, child
centered values and attitudes in educators.

Listed below is a summary of what I have to offer
your organization:

Online/on-site Teaching/tutorial : Teaching
students, English ( spoken & written), social
sciences, environment science including
sustainable development, behavioural sciences,
legal studies, business studies &
entrepreneurship, personality development,
leadership, life skills & value education and
setting up processes in performance management &
training and mentoring etc.

Online/ on-site Teaching-learning & Teachers'
training Competence: Motivating facilitators to
create the most conducive environment to bring
about learning, promoting student achievement by
making learning a top priority, facilitating
holistic education processes, monitoring lesson
plans, evaluating teaching-learning practices
and enhancing skills of educators; analyzing data
in order to monitor progress and set goals,
managing the curriculum; and facilitating,
designing, guiding, and leading professional
development. Am a teacher trainer and have
trained around 2000 odd teachers till date on
various topics.

Online/ on-site content/; curriculum
developmentCompetence: Researching appropriate
content for teaching & training, development &

I take up teaching assignments for students &
also lead a team of knowledge workers and
motivate them to experiment, create and innovate.
I take a lot of pride in building new
institutions, nurturing towards progressive
excellence. I have wide interests ranging from
science to arts, reason to intuitive knowledge
and am committed to grooming of next generation
as my sole goal in life.

I am keen to join an organisation with great
organizational culture, spirit of innovation and
professionalism that characterises great
organisations and its employees. Greater details
of my qualifications and what I have achieved so
far can be found on the attached copy of my
resume and additional professional courses and
workshops attended.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with the
Management so that we can discuss the
contributions that I can make to your

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Major Rajesh Ranjit (Retd.)
Mob: +91-9586763774
credits obtained:
minimum class size:
fee comments:
You may decide on the fees on satisfaction,
after completion of two hour sessions
 session structure





Application for the position of trainer/ tutor

live session

Online teachers' trainer, subject expert tutoring for school students in the age groups of 5-16 years, insights & perspectives,. Professional services

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: n.a.

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 50US$  (500lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help


Rajesh Ranjit

description of :

• A result oriented, simple,
honest and candid educationist
with over 20 years of rich &
extensive experience in
facilitating a meaningful learning
environment(online & classroom/
school) strategic planning,
curriculum development,
budgeting/finance planning,
teacher training & mentoring,
human resource development,
general administration,
recruitment, educational
assessment, classroom
presentation, branding/marketing
and maintaining management-
teacher-parent-student relations.
• Actively involved in
supervising and managing
operational planning and
development and directing the day-
to-day academic & associated
operations of Learning
Academies(online & offline).
• Honed skills in managing
teams(online & offline) to work in
sync with the educational
objectives & motivating them for
achieving scholastic and
individual goals.
• Adept at channelising the
raw potential of students and
educators into creative and
meaningful endeavours.
• Gained rich experience in
Human Resource Management &
Development in the School set up.
• Displayed and developed
excellent skills in team building,
organisational ethos building,
organisational change and in
planning and managing operations
involving decision making,
information management, problem-
solving, project and program
planning, and resource management.
• Proactively participated
in development, implementation and
maintenance of policies, short and
long-range planning.
• Empathetic communication &
mentoring skills.
• Motivated, enthusiastic
and creative educator with a
passionate commitment to the
academic, kinesthetic, artistic,
creative, social and psychological
development of students.


STUDENTS IN English, Social
science, Environment science
including sustainable development,
business studies,
entrepreneurship, legal studies &
Behavioural sciences), Master
(teachers' training in innovative
methods & soft skills training
including communication,
leadership, critical & analytical
thinking, value education & 21st
century life skills) or in the
area of Content/ curriculum
development. DEVELOPMENT &

Teacher's qualifications:

• BEd. IGNOU, 2011.
• M.Sc. (Applied Psychology)
from Annamalai University in June
• Executive Management
Programme with specialization in
Human Resources Management from
XLRI (Xavier labour Relations
Institute), Jamshedpur in December
• M.Com. (Education
Management) from Annamalai
University in June’ 2007.
• M.A. (Gandhian Thought),
MadhuraiKamraj University in May’
• 2 years Masters in HRM &
HRD from Indian Institute of
Modern Management, Pune in June
• LLB (LAW) from Bangalore
University in June 2003.
• AMI (Association
Montessori Internationale-
Holland) Diplôma, IMTC, Bangalore,
in April 1997.
• B.A. from St. Joseph’s
College, Bangalore in June 1995.


• Circle time, Jenny Mosley,
Multiple intelligence and train
the trainer from Genie kids,
• Non-violent
communication(NVC), Marshal
Roosenberg, Restorative circle by
Dominic barter,
• Heal your life, Louise
Hay, Heart intelligence, Fredrick
Labrathe, Interplay, Mumbai
• Neuro Linguistic
Programming. by Dr. Dick McHugh,
SJ, Transactional Analysis (TA
• Permaculture Design
course, RickoZook, Experiential
outdoor Education, Explorer’s
school, Pune,
• Yoga teacher’s training
course, The yoga Institute,
Mumbai, Vipassana, Igatpuri,
• Summer Teacher’s
Fellowship programme, Central
Institute of Education, Delhi,
• Green teacher’s programme,
CEE, Ahmedabad,
• Leadership training from
Disha, tGELF&idiscoveri,
• Professional workshop on
the facilitation & play from Tao
of Facilitation by K Gulrajani.
• International TEFL
(Teaching English as a foreign
language) certification,
Certificate course on Reading and
Writing-ATOLC Level-I by Alpha to
omega learning center, Chennai,
Cambridge master trainer’s
• Basic and Advance Labs in
Human processes, with the Indian
Society for Applied Behavioural
Sciences (ISABS).
• Workshop on cob houses and
eco-architecture by Bharat Mansata
and SaurabhPhadke, Pune.
• Developing natural
intelligence and creativity
workshop by Jinan KB, Kerala.
• Professional Achievement
Motivation trainer’s course from
NEISBUD, New Delhi
• Basic trekking, rock
climbing, bouldering, white water
rafting, river crossing,
rappelling, snorkeling and sailing
• International
Baccalaureate Primary Years
Training Programme, Teacher’s
training, Teacher foundation,
• Education workshop at
Digantar, Jaipur, Sidh, Mussurie,
Wipro Applying thought in Schools,
Pravah, New Delhi, Eklavya,
Bhopal, Jodo Gyan, New Delhi,
Shikshantar, Udaipur
• Basic and advance courses
in counseling, Parivarthan,
Banjara Academy &Sampurna,
• The Campus Chief’s
training programme offered by
Youreka, the Outdoor Wing of
• Workshop on cob houses and
eco-architecture by Bharat Mansata
and SaurabhPhadke, Pune.
• Learning societies un-
conference at various places since
the past three years.
• Waldorf education,
Khandala, by Abanbana and
• REBT training, Level-1,
Gestalt therapy, Level-I
• CBSE capacity building
workshop in Gender sensitivity,
life skills and social science
• Classroom management
strategies by Teach for India, New
• Nature cure workshop by
Kalyan Sarkar, Agra
• Jane Goodall's roots and
shoots seminar at JB Academy,
• Happy child, joyful
learning by Institute of career
studies, Lucknow
• California’s Clinical
Hypnotherapy course.


 Jun’95 –Apr’97:
Association with a social
organization called Samvada, as a
fellow - Project of Indo German
Social Service Society. Samvada
gives varied platforms to college
students to get an exposure to
live social issues in the country
and abroad.
 May’97 – Jul’03:
Commissioned Officer, Indian Army.
 Aug’03 – Jul’05, Indus
School(IB/IGCSE/NIOS), Bangalore,
Educator & Administration (House
 Jul’05 – Oct’06, GD Goenka
World School(IB/IGCSE/CBSE),
Sohna, Educator & Administration
(Head of Boarding)
 Nov’06-Jan’13:
PushpNiketan School(CBSE),
Dhampur, U.P., Educator, Founder
Principal & Director
 Feb’13-April’13: Took up a
short assignment to help set up a
world school at Porbandar,
Gujarat, for the Mehta group,
 May’13- Feb’14:
Experiential education and pursued
a full time residential course
named Science and Management of
Sustainable living at Bhoomi
College (run in collaboration with
the Schumacher college, UK),
 Mar’14-Feb’17: online
independent Educational Management
consultant & Research Scholar in
education from IASE University,
Rajasthan, along with Online
teaching/ tutoring in Spoken and
written English, Social science,
psychology, psychological
counseling, parent orientation &
Training teachers.
 Mar'17 to Sept' 19
Principal of a leading K-12
residential CBSE School based at
Lucknow/ Gorakhpur.
 Sept' 19-date: Online
teaching/ tutoring in Spoken and
written English, Social science,
psychology, psychological
counseling, life skills, parent
orientation & Training teachers,
Curriculum development &

Key Highlights in the Role of
online tutor/ trainer & content/
Curriculum development

• Successfully developed
training materials/modules
• Trained Educators and
taught subjects to students,
online mode.
• Management consulting on
remote location mode

Key Highlights in the Role of
Principal and Director:
• Pivotal in designing
mentoring, monitoring& quality
audit checks & budgeting,
reviewing existing systems &
procedures for various areas &
verification of operational
efficiency levels in Schools.
• As an Educator, taught
Social studies, Social action,
English and PSA(Problem Solving
Assessment) test for students of
grades 3-10, engaged students in
leadership situations and
conducted counseling sessions for
educators and students.
• Instrumental in developing
an environment that inspires high
level of motivation and
commitment, in the School and
gained expertise in aligning the
teachers and other staff with core
objectives of the School to
harmonise common goals and
• Played a pivotal role in
developing confidence in the
hearts and minds of the people of
the town Dhampur, regarding the
quality of the School and thus
making the mission and purpose of
the School stronger.
• Successfully developed the
brand name of the School and
raised the quality bar to
• Merit of mentoring
educators of the school,
curriculum development, monitoring
and evaluation.
• Essayed a key role in
bringing in 100 odd volunteers and
facilitators from all over the
world for

Key Highlights in the role of
Administration, Educator and
pastoral care:

• Merit of efficiently
building a team of house parents,
pastoral care personnel, academic
support teachers, psychological/
career counselors, physical
education teachers, activity
teachers and other non-teaching
staff for pastoral care and
educational support.
• As an educator, taught
Social studies and English to
boarding students and English as a
foreign language to Korean and
Thai students.
• Taught Economics, Business
Studies, and History& Geography to
grade 9-10 students of NIOS
• Functioned as a
facilitator for IGCSE (Cambridge
course), Environmental Management
• Acted as a psychological
counselor for students

's preferred teaching style:
I’m known to be a man of
integrity and straight forward
talks. I follows strategic and
situational leadership styles and
bring in innovative solutions to
issues at hand. Am also known as
people's person and am highly
experienced and skilled in
building the team with highest
level of motivation, integrity and

I’m known to be a budding and
competent life coach and
psychological and career
counseling professional. I've had
the wonderful opportunity to guide
and mentor adults and students
throughout my challenging journey
in the School. I’ve have brought
in tremendous changes and thus
praiseworthy positive progress in
students' discipline and
leadership, implementation of
holistic processes and democratic
values, team work amongst teachers
and professionalism in the whole
working environment and effective
standard operating procedures in
the smooth functioning of the

I believe that every child is
unique and has varied skills and
interests in varied fields. This
includes music, dance, sports, art
and craft. The teachers are the
first to identify this and to help
the child express and develop
them. The biggest impediment in
learning, in leading and in living
life fully is fear. Fear may be in
the form of fear of authority, of
the unknown, of failures and even
fear of oneself. I therefore,
encourage the questioning spirit
and appreciate candor in
relationships, both in children
and teachers. This paves the way
for creativity and ‘initiative’ to
be instilled. The theme/project
based learning and child centered
methodology of teaching facilitate
this thoroughly, brought about
through inquiry, dialogue,
experimentation, discussions,
outside classroom exposure and
hands on experience. For this I
ensure freedom of thought, freedom
of expression, freedom of movement
and freedom of choice, which paves
the way for the development of
strong will power and confidence
in children.

There is a fair mix of freedom and
discipline in the virtual teaching
arena. This is done to ensure
development of students with
balanced personalities. Discipline
is imposed which would ultimately
take the form of self-
responsibility that comes about
through values, education and
motivation. Discipline also
implies respecting the norms of
other cultures and accepting
criticism in a positive manner. I
thus encourage students to build
co-operation and generate harmony
amongst each other and assume self

Along with teaching and
facilitating a learning
environment, I take care by
providing children, counseling and
thus high standards of emotional
and psychological safety. I also
advice, counsel and mentor
students on all round performance,
personal issues and social

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