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Term Papers, Editing, Writing Assistance

tutoring & advice

 with David Haahr

short description:
I will help outline, prepare and/or edit your term papers
long description:
I will help outline, prepare and/or edit your term papers. I am a retired US-Lawyer. My writing skills are excellent. I will help to design, outline, prepare and if needed write your term papers or correct and edit your current term papers.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
On-Call. Set appointments as required.
fee comments:
Starting Fee is $5.00 per page standard A-4 double spaced. Fee will vary depending on difficulty of Term paper and work required to complete. NO term papers accepted within 72-hours of due date.
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Term Papers, Editing, Writing Assistance

live session

I will help outline, prepare and/or edit your term papers

1h 0m

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
fee: 5US$  (50lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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David Haahr

description of :

I am a retired Lawyer, retired from 12+years now. I started teaching English Online 10+ years ago as well as Private in home or office. I teach all levels of English and conversation to all levels of students. I teach in home/office in Bangkok, Thailand or I can teach online to those outside of Bangkok or in foreign countries. My style is to teach to the level and understanding of my students and their needs. I can change and modify my style as we progress and as need dictates. I LOVE teaching ages 5yrs to 15yrs because they are the FUTURE OF THE WORLD and need all the help they can get. English is the #1-language in the world today with over 90% of all countries using English for conversation as well as written. My online teaching style is informal as it tends to relax the students and they then open up to learn and the approach is very effective especially for younger students. I also do and help with Term Papers: correcting, editing and even writing. Please contact me on SKYPE, Email, Facebook or my website.I have been teaching the Thai Army Officers Training Command for many years as well as TAWA-Thai Army Women's Association. Restructuring and budget changed these positions.
My primary teaching has always been Private so I am always looking for new students. I teach and have taught ages from 4 to adult and University. I currently have 2-young ladies 8 and 11 years of age I have been teaching well over 1-1/2 years now private in-home on Saturdays 2-3 hours every Saturday from 8am-12noon. 2017 I taught 12-girls 9-12 years of age for 8-months in my classroom, I have also taught many young men and ladies from families of Thai Army Officers. I prefer 1-1 teaching or small groups. Pay for travel time is expected and special prices can be negotiated for groups of 4-students or more. I am able to and can teach all ages from 5years thru Adult and University. I teach all aspects of ESL-English as a Second Language.
I also teach online from my home assisting students who just require quick help with the subject matter.

Teacher's qualifications:
Doctorate in Law - Jurisprudence
Masters in Law, Bachelors in Business/Finance, Associates in Business
26-years continuing education courses
10+ Years teaching: Private Tutor, Business/Corporate, Thai Officers Training Command Center
10+ Years teaching private English in home/office/corporate training centers
6+ Years teaching/tutoring online private 1on1 lessons around the world
NAME: David Haahr
DATE of BIRTH: 01-16-1955
NUMBER: 204128755 -- EXP: 21-09-2019

1958 to 1970 - PRIMARY, MIDDLE, HIGH SCHOOL grades 1-12: Completed with successful graduation

1972-1974 - Peirce Junior College – Associate of Arts Degree Business Management
1974-1978 - University of California Los Angeles – Bachelor of Science in Business/Finance
1978-1983 - University of Nevada Las Vegas – Master of Business Administration in Law
1984-1988 - University of California Berkley- Doctorate JD-Studies in Law/Jurisprudence

Teacher/Tutor Thailand – Teaching ESL-English private instruction and lectures to Thai Business and Thai University English Programs and Thai Army Officers Training Command Center. Private Students in home

2009-2012 - EEDU CO., LTD, Bangkok, Thailand
E-Commerce Education and Training - Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon and eCommerce online training
Position: English Instructor, Ecommerce Teacher, Legal Advisor and Contracts Review

2006- 2007 - Asia Forestry Management Co., Ltd – International Contracts Consultant
Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Position: International Advertising/Marketing Director and Legal Advisor Contracts Review


1994-2004 - Federal Criminal Law Associates Co., Inc
Federal Criminal and Corporate Law, Federal and International Banking Law and International Commerce Law
Andres Rappard Esq., Owner/Senior Partner/Federal Prosecutor
Las Vegas, Nevada 89035
Position: Legal Advisor, Senior Legal Research lawyer, US-Federal law Advisor/ Business and Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Federal Law Review

1991-1994 - Rulon Family Law and Associates Inc
Personal Injury Law, Family Law, Probate, Divorce, Wills, Trusts
Rulon Huntsmen Esq., Owner
Reno, Nevada 89037
Position: Legal Advisor, Law Office Administrator, Personal Injury Research
1988-1993 - Huntsman Family Law Practice
Family law, Probate, Insurance, Wills, Trusts, Investments
Jerauld Huntsman Esq., Owner/Senior Partner
Las Vegas, Nevada 89031
Position: Legal Advisor, Family Practice Law, Divorce Law, Bankruptcy law, Probate Law, Trusts and Wills

1979-1987 - Robert Perkins and Associates Med-Mal Law Firm
Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law
Robert Perkins Esq., Senior Partner
Santa Ana and Berkley California 92701
Position: Legal Advisor, Litigation Administrator, Med-Legal Affairs Officer, Personal Injury Law, Medical Malpractice Research Advisor, Liaison between Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and law Office for Litigation

's preferred teaching style:
Easy going, fun and I teach "WITH THE STUDENT" and not "TO THE STUDENT". I get to know each student's personality and learning abilities. I get to know what the student's goals and objectives are and then we go forward. I adapt and change to the student's abilities, wants and needs. Each student is different and, therefore, I do not use a set "BOILERPLATE" lesson structure like so many lazy teachers from year to year never change!

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