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Biological Psychology - DRUGS & BEHAVIOUR


 with Tracy Bielby

short description:
The effect of drugs on the brain, and the chemical alterations of these drugs on the brain
long description:
Effects of drugs such as LSD, Cannabis, Opioids, Cocaine and alcohol on brain chemistry. I am able to teach this up to degree level.
level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
Mornings between 11am and 12 noon (GMT)
fee comments:
 session structure





Effects of LSD


description of effects LSD has on the biological and psychologically, lecture will cover history, stages of intoxications, and what areas of the brain affected.

0h 30m

Effects of Alcohol


How alcohol effects you bilologicallly and psychologically, dependence, brain damage, affect on brain cheistry.

0h 30m

Effects of Cannabis



0h 30m

Essay one question

discussion group

Furst essay question given out, followed by group discussion regarding the essay

0h 30m

Essay one feedback and discussion

review materials

Give back essays following marking. Students give feedback on how they found first part of course

0h 30m

Effect of Cocaine


Looking at the psychological dependence aspect of cocaine addiction, and the effects on the brain's neurotransmitters

0h 30m

Effect of opioids


This session looks at heroin addiction in particular, with emphasis on the dependence and addiction and why. Looking closely at neurotransmitters.

0h 30m

Effect of anti-depressant drugs


Looking into the problems of physical and psychological dependence with tranquilizers, and how the drugs exert there effetcs on the brain's chemistry.

0h 30m

Essay question two and discussion

discussion group

Handing out the essay question and discussing how to begin writing about the subject. Discuss hand-in date

0h 30m

Feedback on essay two

discussion group

Essays discussed, and final feedback on what has been taken away from the course

0h 30m

total duration: 5h 0m over 10 session(s)
comments: Lectures held on stated days between 11am and 11.30am

references in library: 2

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 22 July 2002 16:40 internet time: @736 | view full details |

duration: 5h 0m over 10 session(s)
fee: 50US$  (500lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United Kingdom

Tracy Bielby

description of :
I am very enthusiatic about this subject and am starting a Phd on this area of psychology. I am also studying online tutor training with learndirect at present and have completed the first course.
Teacher's qualifications:
A-level Psychology
A-level Criminology
BSc (hons) Psychology with Health Studies
Postgraduate Certificate in Career Planning
Online tutoring in context

's preferred teaching style:
I am helpful, and will work to the slowests worker. I was a student mentor at university, helping students who were finding difficulties with coursework etc.
I will always try to make myself available to students, and will help by giving lots of web links to help with research following lectures and seminars

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