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Math & English Help

tutoring & advice

 with Jessica Wolst

short description:
I can help you practice English or help you with your math homework!
long description:
I've got 3 1/2 years of math teaching experience and would love to help you
with your math homework! I can help you with any subject in middle and
high school math - from pre-algebra up to calculus!
I'm a native English speaker.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
2am to 11am Eastern Standard Time
fee comments:
 session structure





Math & English Help

live session

I can help you practice English or help you with your math homework!

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 10US$  (100lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online

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Jessica Wolst

description of :
As you can see from my included resume, I have over
3 years of classroom teaching experience, including
many years of tutoring experience. In the past few
years, I've begun teaching basic academic courses at
the college level - in the areas of communications and
writing. I am also bilingual in English and Dutch, with
skills in Russian and Spanish as well.
Teacher's qualifications:
M+Power Mobilization Assistant
June 2016 - present

My role with M+Power includes administrative tasks
including helping possible volunteers complete their
application, discussing with them their calling or
ideas, and coordinating with other leaders about
volunteers and positions across the region.

For training weekends (Eurasia Mission Orientations),
my responsibilities include registration of participants
and mentors, correspondence about the necessary
preparations and logistics like flight details, and
communicating with the local event coordinator about
rooms and supplies. I also have led seminars about
fundraising and participated in an interview with a
potential volunteer.

Online Instructor – European Nazarene College
The Netherlands -
September 2015 – October 2015 & October 2016 –
November 2016

During this six-week period, I taught the course
Language and Written Expression (3 ECTS) to several
adult students. Students improved their writing skills
in both English and Dutch through the use of creative
and critical writing pieces. As a teacher, I gained
experience in the use of Moodle and SonisWeb online
learning tools.

In fall 2016, I taught Interpersonal Communications as
a directed study and continued developing my skills
in online adult education.

Long-Term Mathematics/Science Substitute Teacher
- American International School of Rotterdam
Rotterdam, the Netherlands -
August 2014 – February 2015

Using the International Middle Years Curriculum, I
taught grade 7 students about ecosystems, digestion,
and the scientific method. While teaching from the
College Preparatory Mathematics curriculum,
students in Geometry (9th and 10th grade) and
Making Connections, Course 2 (all middle school
grades) could learn math in a problem-based and
collaborative way. I also worked with two high school
students in individual math classes as part of the
school’s Learning Support program. For one month, I
taught the first few sections of Earth Science to 9th
grade students.

Professional Development training completed:
• How to Recognize Bullying
• Differentiation and Scaffolding for English
Language Learners
• Moving Forward with the IMYC
• Task Analysis

Substitute Teacher - American International School of
Rotterdam, the Netherlands -
March 2014 – April 2014

At AISR, I made sure classes were running smoothly
while teachers were absent. Using the teachers’
lessons and normal routines, I provided structure and
support for the students in grade 3, mathematics,
and health classes. I also supervised grade 3
students during their scheduled swimming lessons
and recycling duties.

Substitute Teacher - Summit Christian Academy
Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA - http://summit-
September 2012 – May 2013

At this school, I periodically covered classes for
teachers when they were absent. My experience here
included teaching in regular academic classrooms for
grades 7-12, physical education classes, and
theatre/music classes.

Temporary Office Replacement Employee
Global Ministry Center –
Lenexa, Kansas, USA
September 2012 – December 2012

As a short-term worker at this non-profit, I filled in
the gaps within one of the offices (while two
employees were on maternity leave). I assisted full-
time staff members by proofreading documents,
replying to external emails, updating their database,
and organizing materials.

Key Achievements:
• Compiled a comprehensive user manual for
databases and web applications used within the
• Researched up-to-date information for a training
seminar and formatted new sections of the
corresponding PowerPoint presentation

Mathematics/Bible Teacher
Kiev Christian Academy –
Kyiv, Ukraine
August 2009 - May 2012

During these three school years, I taught
mathematics and Bible for sixth graders, and at the
geometry and pre-calculus levels. My students came
from various cultural backgrounds, with the majority
from USA and Korea. A number of my students were
English language learners, and others had learning
difficulties of some kind, which warranted adapting
my instruction for all levels.

When needed, I also filled in for other teachers’
classes, primarily in grades 3-5 and upper school

Key Achievements:
• Challenged students to achieve their best and
helped them reach that point
• Supported students outside of the classroom
with homework help sessions after school as needed
• Assisted the middle school track coach for three
seasons and helped with other school activities and

Student Teacher – seventh and eighth grade math
Atlantic Middle School -
Quincy, Massachusetts
January 5 to April 3, 2009

During my few months of my required
practicum/internship, I worked in an algebra and pre-
algebra classroom with students ranging in age from
12 to 14. These classes in an urban, multicultural
school included both honors students and those who
needed extra support in their education. From this
experience, I gained invaluable insights on working
day-to-day with the same students, learning their
habits but also helping them to move forward.

Key Achievements:
• Planned and taught lessons using students’ prior
knowledge, strategies for reading word problems, and
teaching to multiple intelligences.
• Involved most students within each class period,
through the use of questioning, active participation,
and individual practice.
• Used manipulatives and concrete models,
technology, and other math tools to improve student


Teaching Skills
• State of Delaware initial Standard license:
Teacher of Mathematics Grades 9-12 (Valid 6-8 in a
Middle School), issued February 2014
• Received the Recognition of Excellence
distinction for my Praxis II test score in Mathematics
Content Knowledge
• Successfully passed the Staatsexamen II for
reading, listening, speaking, and writing Dutch as a
second language (B2 level).
• I speak and understand Spanish at an A2 level,
and Russian at a beginner’s level.

Personal Attributes
• Flexible, quick learner, and able to communicate
• Patient and friendly; able to develop rapport with
• StrengthsFinder strengths: Connectedness,
Input, Intellection, Analytical, and Developer
• Willingness to try new things
• Organized and efficient in classroom preparation
thanks to office experience


M.A. Intercultural Studies
Nazarene Theological Seminary
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
February 2011 to May 2014

This degree is a combination of theology, sociology,
anthropology, and cultural training but not politics!
Completing this degree helped me gain a better
understanding of relating to other cultures as well as
understanding more about Islam and other
contemporary situations. I have also realized how
important listening and observing is when relating to
people from other cultures. I graduated with highest
academic honors.

B.A. Middle School Education; Mathematics
Eastern Nazarene College
Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
August 2005 to May 2009

This degree adequately prepared me to meet state
standards for Massachusetts (as well as other states)
in teacher training. I also graduated with honors.
's preferred teaching style:
I am most interested in helping students discover the
subject or answer for themselves and guiding them
through that process. I enjoy discussing topics with
students too.

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