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Intermediate Electronics


 with Richard Francis

short description:
Intermediate electronics including AC concepts through an introduction to transistors
long description:
Proposed Outline K105 Electronics Principles
School of Technology
Week Chapter and Topic Homework Labs
1 Chapter 4 Review Series resistive circuitsChapter 5 Review Parallel resistive circuitsTest 1Series and Parallel Circuits Theory and Lab Homework Is ALWAYS: Due on Test day Work on soldering throughout quarter: Light Chaser, Metal Detector & PhoneHandouts: Series Labs, Parallel Labs, Troubleshooting Parallel Labs Troubleshooting Phone
2-3 Chapter 6 Analyzing Series-Parallel CircuitsR EquivalentEffects of loading a voltage dividerTest 2Series-Parallel Theory and Lab Ch 6 Self Test 1-10 Handouts: Series Parallel LabsSeries-Parallel Lab 10
4-5 Chapter 9 CapacitanceChapter 7 Magnetism and ElectromagnetismChapter 11 InductanceTest 3 Capacitors & Inductors Ch 9 Self Test 1-13Ch 7 Self Test 1-12Ch 11 Self Test 1-9 Capacitors: Lab 18Inductors: Lab 22
5-6 Midterm - TheoryElectronics FundamentalsChapters: 4,5,6,7,9, & 11 Midterm - PracticalCalculate, Build, and Measure aSeries-Parallel Circuit
6-7 Chapter 8 Basic AC QuantitiesTest 4 AC Theory and Lab Ch 8 Self Test 1-15 Handouts:Oscilloscope Labs 1, 2, and 3
8 Chapter 10 RC Circuits in ACTest 5 RC circuits Theory and Lab Ch 10 Self Test 1-15 Series RC Circuit Lab 20
9 Chapter 12 RL Circuits in ACTest 6 RL circuits Theory and Lab Ch 12 Self Test 1-15 Series RL Circuit Lab 24
10 Diodes and Clipper Circuit Handouts
Information is subject to change

Labs will be done on computer using software that comes with the text.
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every day
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Intermediate Electronics

live session

Intermediate electronics including AC concepts through an introduction to transistors

40h 0m

total duration: 40h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: n.a.

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languages: English
duration: 40h 0m
fee: 250US$  (2500lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Richard Francis

description of :
Patient guide to your success.
Teacher's qualifications:
Richard Francis
Roseville, California 95747

Education: > Master of Arts: Mathematics Education/Curriculum and Instruction, 1991
Graduate coursework included: Complex Variables, Fourier Analysis, Operations Research,
Psychology, Curriculum Development in Mathematics, Math Teaching Methods, Diagnostic
and Prescriptive Techniques in Math Teaching, Educational Research Methods
> Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics and Statistics, 1989
Coursework included: Computer programming, Drafting, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry,
Psychology, Abstract Algebra, Analysis, Calculus, Differential Equations
Work Experience:

Heald College – Mathematics/Electronics Instructor 1/01 – 4/02
Courses assigned: Beginning Electronics, Introduction to Electronics, Essentials of Algebra

American River College - Mathematics Instructor 8/90 - 1/01
Courses assigned: Analytic Geometry and Calculus, Calculus for the Social and Life Sciences I & II,
Intermediate Algebra, Beginning Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, PACE program, Business Calculus.

Western Career College - Mathematics Instructor 10/00 – 1/01
Courses assigned: Fundamentals of Mathematics, Beginning Algebra

ITT Technical College – Mathematics / Physics Instructor 5/99 -6/00
Courses assigned: Fundamentals of Mathematics, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra,
Algebra & Trigonometry, Technical Mathematics, Calculus I, Calculus II, Physics I, Physics II

Yuba College – Woodland Campus – Weekend Campus Supervisor 5/97 – 8/98
Duties: > Supervise faculty, staff and security for the campus on Friday evenings and Saturdays.
> Perform faculty evaluations, class cancellations, and classroom scheduling
> Handle student and faculty complaints and inquiries
> Write necessary reports

Yuba College – Woodland Campus – Mathematics Instructor 5/97 – 8/98
Courses Assigned: > Trigonometry, developmental courses such as Arithmetic and
Pre-algebra with predominantly minority students

California State University, Sacramento: 1983-1997
Mathematics Department:
> Administered and graded UC/CSU system mathematics diagnostic exams
> Advised students about proper class placement indicated by the diagnostic exams
> Tutored in the Math Lab for Engineering Calculus I, II, III Linear Algebra, Differential Equations. Statistics, Business Calculus, Calculus for Social and Life Sciences, College Algebra, Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry
Learning Skills Department:
> Taught Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry
> Tutored in Math Lab
Academic Talent Search:
> Taught Algebra II to advanced Junior High School Students
> Tutored through precalculus in the study lab

Science Education Equity Program:
> Tutored minority business calculus students for all sections offered

Educational Opportunity Program:
> Taught pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry
> Tutored remedial minority students

City of Salinas Public Works Department: 1979-1981
> Did cost estimates for construction projects > Maintained assessment district files
> Prepared presentations for city council
> Reduced surveyor's field notes and calculated cuts and fills
> Performed title searches and plotted easements and underground utilities
> Ran blueprints, sepias and mylars
> Drafted public works projects on vellum, sepias and mylar in ink and pencil
> Utilized aerial photographs to maintain city topographics

HVAC Consultants: 1981 – 1983
> Designed heating,ventilation and air conditioning systems for hospitals and schools > Designed residential systems and did cost analysis
> Served as state certified energy auditor for residential and commercial projects
> Maintained drawings for ongoing retrofits for major hospital

Special Achievements:
> Suggested lecture/lab format which is still in use in classes at CSUS
> Helped to develop and implement the Alternative Program for Education at Monterey Peninsula
College and served as assistant director
> Successfully guided the lower half of a remedial class to an 80% proficiency level or better

Publications and works in progress:
> Currently under contract with a major publisher for a series of three mathematics texts.
> Published a successful and popular study guide to the Intermediate Mathematics Diagnostic
Exam for the UC/CSU system exam
> Published a successful and popular study guide for the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam required
of all incoming students statewide in the UC and CSU systems
> Currently writing booklet for students on how to study mathematics
> Masters thesis title: "Reducing Math Anxiety in Mathematics Classes at Junior Colleges"

Campus Community Involvement:
> Member of the faculty senate
> Adjunct spokesperson in the math department
> Faculty adviser/instructor for the student Jujitsu - Judo club at American River College four years
> Instructor for the student Jujitsu club at CSUS for three years
> Member of the Wing Chun club at CSUS for two years

Miscellaneous Experience:
> Teachers workshop 2002
> Grant writing workshop 1996
> Computer applications to teaching mathematics workshop
> Manipulatives for teaching geometry workshop
> NCTM seminar
> Tutored for math portions of the ACT, SAT, CBEST, GRE and GMAT exams
> Tutored privately in algebra, geometry. Trigonometry, analytic geometry, linear algebra and calculus

's preferred teaching style:
Expect students to work as any good student should. I will guide you to answers but I will not hand them to you.

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