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Mark Mayo

tutoring & advice

 with Mark Mayo

short description:
Bachelor of education (Design and Technology)
long description:
I have spent 10 years as an Australian living in Thailand teaching in the Thai education system as well as privately tutoring expatriate children living in Thailand and attending various International schools using curriculum from The USA, Britain and Australia.
level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
At the moment I am working full time but I will finish that position in 2 months time. I am hoping to build up a career in online tutoring in that period. I am currently living in the Bangkok time zone. GMT-8. So I am willing to work evenings for the next 2 months and then will become available when my full time positions ends.
fee comments:
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Mark Mayo

live session

Bachelor of education (Design and Technology)

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 15US$  (150lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Mark Mayo

description of :
I have experience in preparing students for IELTS and IGCSE English.

I have privately tutored Students from very young up to the British KS3 level in English, Science, HIstory and Geography.
Teacher's qualifications:
Curriculum Virtae
Mark Samuel Mayo
Nationality: Australian
Date of birth: 10 th April
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0856157798
Personal Comment:
I came to Thailand in 2004 to find out if I enjoyed teaching before attempting a
bachelors degree. I worked in Thailand for 2 years and enjoyed it so much I
returned to Australia to complete a Bachelors degree in education. I then
returned to Thailand and have been living here ever since working in
administration and teaching in various roles.
Work Experience since
January 2009 to Febuary 2010
Ambassador bilingual school (ABS) Super Highway, Saraphi,
Chiang Mai
Title: Academic director and curriculum development.
Duties: As this was a new school my role was to develop
programming and syllabus for the government requirements in
Thailand. I was also responsible for teacher skills development. If
teachers were sick I would also fill in to teach all levels from KG1 to
Grade 6
March 2010 to March 2013
Ban Kun Mai farming school, Klong Chalawaphraton, Nong Kwai,
Chiang Mai.
Title: Teacher and curriculum development.
Duties: This school has a hands on approach that gives practical
and theoretical pedagogies. My role was to develop the English,
Science and Math curriculum for the school and teach students
about Northern Thailand.
May 2013 to March 2014
Sarasas Witaed Lanna, Hang Dong rd, Chiang mai
Title: Kindergarten teacher and fill in teacher for grades KG1 to
Grade 10
Duties: Teaching English to KG1 students and filling in for sick
teachers in all grades and subjects. I am required to teach and
prepare lessons with very little preparation time and find continuity
with previous teaching strategies.March 2014 to current
Cambridge College Phitsunalok
Title: IELTS and KS3 teacher of the British Curriculum.
Duties: 1) Preparing Grade 10 and 11 students for IELTS testing. All
of my students improved by at least 1 level in their first 3 months
with me.
2) Teaching English, Geography, History, ICT and Design and
Technology for a Year 7 class.
Academic Qualifications
2006 to 2008
Bachelors degree in Education (Design and Technology) from
Newcastle University, Newcastle Australia.
Subjects studied can be viewed on my transcript PDF.
1999 to 2001
Marketing Management diploma, Tafe NSW.
Subject included business management and marketing research
and design.
Thai culture certification for Teacher licence requirements in
Other Qualifications
I am also a qualified examiner and teacher of swimming in Australia.
I volunteered as a Surf Life saver in Australia for over 4 years and earned many
First Aid and life saving qualifications.
I spend every Sunday morning Jungle walking with my dogs. I also enjoy
designing and making computer based educational resources such as Ebooks
and Spelling games
's preferred teaching style:
I like to give relevance to the subject being taught. At the moment I am teaching the KS3 syllabus from Britain to Thai students. Trying to teach Thai students about Crusades in Europe is of no relevance to them so I try to make connections between Thai history of the same period as well use current affairs with the problems currently occurring in the middle east.

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