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Introduction to drawing


 with Online Design School

short description:
With some easy lessons, you will surprise yourself! Sign up today. Classes start anytime.
long description:
A live instructor led and self-paced course that will teach you to see differently and then draw what you see. It's a can't miss that will have you sketching with confidence. Drawing supplies and a self study workbook are included in the cost (a $60.00 retail value).
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
Fee includes supplies such as sketchbook, graphite and charcoal drawing pencils, art gum, pink pearl and kneaded erasers and more that will really make a difference for you and encourage you to exercise your new skills long after the course has ended.
 session structure





Introduction to drawing

live session

With some easy lessons, you will surprise yourself! Sign up today. Classes start anytime.

4h 0m

total duration: 4h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: 4 one hour live sessions over a 4 week period.

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 04 May 2002 18:00 internet time: @792 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 4h 0m
fee: 120US$  (1200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Online Design School

Profile and background:
We started this school because we thought many people would be interested in the tools and theory of traditional design that could improve their marketability and skills, or just push a hobby a little further. The tools of today allow amateurs to produce graphic art relatively easy, yet with little or no training many miss the mark on effective visual communication. We are sure that creativity is something that can be learned with a little patience and some training.
Credentials and qualifications:
All instructor's have a 4 year college degree, or at least 6 years experience in the area they teach. Our organization requires instructors to either achieve subject matter expert status through vendor certifications, or to complete a certificate program in online instruction. Many are teaching on-site at university level.
Preferred styles, methods and formats:
Teachers offer lecture briefly to stimulate discussion of assigned material. The course format most closely resembles a workshop rather than formal lectures and research papers. Material is presented, students are offered examples and then encouraged to participate in discussion. Once this is accomplished, the student will complete a small project and submit it for peer review facilitated by the instructors.

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