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Spanish Tutoring Offered by Fluent Speaker

tutoring & advice

 with Christina Verhelst

short description:
Spanish lessons, tutoring, essay-proofreading, or conversation practice
long description:
I am a Spanish tutor with over five years' experience. I am happy to help
learners from high schoolers to adults of any level. I am happy to provide
traditional instruction to teach grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and
speaking. I can also work with students who are interested in improving their
speaking skills; I would help with pronunciation, vocabulary, and teaching
phrases to sound more like a native speaker.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday-Afternoon & evening
Tuesday-All day
Thursday-All day
Saturday/Sunday-Morning & afternoon

fee comments:
hourly rate
 session structure





Spanish Tutoring Offered by Fluent Speaker

live session

Spanish lessons, tutoring, essay-proofreading, or conversation practice

1h 0m

languages: Spanish
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Christina Verhelst

description of :
After spending 15 years studying the language and
three years living in Spain, I became fluent in the
language and passionate about teaching it. Since
then, I have worked with students of all ages and
levels. I am currently working towards a Master's
degree in Spanish Literature and Culture so that I can
become a more knowledgeable and effective tutor
and instructor.
Teacher's qualifications:
Christina Verhelst: Résumé

Summary: Enthusiastic Spanish tutor who will
tailor lessons to the student while challenging them
and creating a positive and fun learning
environment. Utilizes the communicative language
teaching method to create meaningful and
interactive lessons. Has experience with classroom,
small group, and one-on-one teaching.

Education Illinois Wesleyan University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Arts, 2009
Master’s in Spanish Literature, 2015 (Anticipated)
Minors: Hispanic Studies and Psychology
Specialization in Peninsular literature
GPA 3.74/4.00, Magna Cum Laude
GPA 3.89/4.00


Private Language Tutor
2014. Champaign, IL
• Tutored one high school student with an
intermediate/advanced level in Spanish. Reviewed
homework and compositions. Created activities to
teach and review grammar and practice speaking,
writing, and listening comprehension.

2009 - 2010. Monzón, Spain
• Instructed eight individual, hourly English
classes for adults from beginners to advanced.
Tailored each class according to student’s language
level and learning style.

2010 - 2011. Estepa, Spain
• Instructed four private, one-one one English
classes, and one small Spanish class for adults.
Covered grammar, vocabulary and conversation
skills. Adapted class content and teaching style
according to students’ needs

Citizenship Class Instructor
2012 – 2013. Hebrew Immigrant Aid
Society. Chicago, IL
• Instructed eight two-hour sessions of a
citizenship preparation class in Spanish for Latin
American immigrants, covering U.S. history and

North American Language and Culture Assistant
2009 - 2010. Junior High la Llitera, San
Miguel Elementary. Tamarite, Spain.
2010 - 2011. Official Language School.
Estepa, Spain.
• Fueled students’ interest in the English
language through preparing and leading games and
listening activities
• Introduced students to aspects of American and
British culture through interactive presentations and
• Prepared and led English speaking activities,
giving students the opportunity to verbally reinforce
grammar points
• Collaborated with teachers to create lesson
plans both interesting and useful for students

Spanish Teaching Assistant. Illinois Wesleyan
University Spanish Dept.
2008. Bloomington, IL
• Led weekly conversation groups for beginning
students, introducing topics to practice grammar
points explained in class.
• Helped students prepare for exams and
reviewed written compositions.

Volunteer Bilingual Application Assistant. Chicago, IL
Experience 2011 – Present. Hebrew Immigrant
Aid Society
• Assisted Hispanic immigrants with filling out
their Citizenship Applications, which are in English.
• Utilized Spanish to communicate with these
individuals and explain the sections of the

Bilingual Counselor. Camp Caribe.
2005. Vail, Colorado
• Planned and led music and reading activities in
English and Spanish for Hispanic children ages 6-12.

English Class Instructor. Center for International
Educational Exchange.
2008. Seville, Spain
• Taught a weekly English class to two adult
students from Spain with an advanced level
• Created lesson plans to foster cultural
exchange, clarification of grammar points, and a
higher level of language comprehension.

's preferred teaching style:
As a tutor, I aim to help students learn to
communicate in the language. I center lessons
around task-based activities such as ordering food
at a restaurant, giving directions, and making plans
to see a movie. This way, lessons are practical,
meaningful, and engaging. Also, these activities help
to reinforce grammar and vocabulary. I also
frequently ask for feedback from students to check
for comprehension, and if they found each activity
useful. I then alter the lesson to the needs the
student has communicated.

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