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Professional Expereiened Teacher

tutoring & advice

 with Emily Boyd

short description:
Intellectual capital asset such as a copyright or patent that does or can generate income.
long description:
• My objective is to teach elementary/or middle school aged students. I strongly take interest in elementary age students because I have worked with these children for years. I would use my knowledge and skills obtained throughout my journey as being a teacher to provide the most accurate and incredible classroom management style for my students. I am a dedicated academic professional committed to providing instruction that focuses on the needs for each student as an individual and fosters child development. I am highly skilled in developing classroom environments that are diverse, fun, and stimulating at the same time. I have demonstrated capacity to teach, direct, and motivate students while maintain high levels of achievement. Lastly, I demonstrate superior interpersonal skills while maintain a positive relationship with each of my students, parents, and faculty. With ambition to teach and a goal for my classroom and students, I establish strong leadership and organizational skills for this position. This position is an opportunity of a life time for me to conquer my goals of an ambitious teacher who has an overload of passion for teaching.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
I have made the fee 20 per hr.
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Professional Expereiened Teacher

live session

Intellectual capital asset such as a copyright or patent that does or can generate income.

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Emily Boyd

description of :
I am an experienced Teacher who is able to establish a creative learning environment for my students. I also can effectively communicate with my students, parents, and faculty in a manner which ensures a positive experience for all. I can develop high quality schemes of work and lessons for my students with adequate learning techniques. With the passion I have for teaching and my skills that I have learned through experiences and school, I believe I am an excellent candidate for one of these positions that are vacant. I am a driven and passionate person who wants to progress in an environment where I am challenged, motivated, and can use my interpersonal abilities to provide an energetic classroom environment. . I feel that you’re forward thinking and exciting institution is a natural place for a hard working team player like my-self who is adaptable, fully accountable and resilient. I have a strong understanding of child development and have been consistently recognized by teachers and administrators like my former principal, who is now a high school principal, for my effective use of classroom management strategies and my ability to integrate new technologies into lesson planning.
Teacher's qualifications:
I am an experienced, enthusiastic and focused teacher who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and well-being of my students at all times. One of the strongest points I bring to my classroom is passion. I say that teachers should have passion for their students, lesson plans, classroom management, and dealing with parents. I have passion to ensure my students succeed and want to be the teacher who they remember that was caring, responsive, and enthusiastic. A few other points that make me suitable for this position is that I am confident, personable, and highly motivated. I don’t look at teaching as job but instead my ambition and goal for the future. I am a highly analytical thinker and I am able to quickly identify concerns and improve them in a timely matter. I am a sociable person who has a natural ability of talking to, and building relationships with students from all cultural backgrounds, parents, and co-workers. I have so many more qualities that I wish would fit in this letter but hope to discuss them with you in person.
's preferred teaching style:
Skills & Abilities
• Classroom Organization
• Classroom Management
• Student Motivation
• Student Discipline
• Resource Planning
• Child Development
• Supervising Pupils
• Preparing class work and activities in advance of any lessons
• I am able to create a vibrant and effective learning environment.
• I am familiar with various teaching techniques to ensure each student is look upon with passion to succeed.
• I have the ability to earn respect from my students while giving them back my respect in return.
• I can help students with emotional and behavioral problems to ensure social skills are being attributed correctly.
• I am knowledgeable about all areas of teaching and curriculum with effective teaching approaches.
• I am aware of academic software in the schools.
• I encourage my students and have a positive outlook.
• I make sure my classroom is kept clean and attractive.
• I provide extra support for students who have special educational needs.
• I have knowledge of the National Curriculum.
• I Have a firm approach but also am understanding, patient and supportive.
• I am Consistently seeking out opportunities for process improvement and simplification
• I am willing to lead initiatives once proposed to management.
• Preparing class work and activities in advance for any lessons.
• I can help prepare and get students organized for exams.

• I can stand in front of my pupils and effectively interact with a diverse range of students from different socioeconomic statues and social backgrounds. The students will understand me because of my enthusiastic approach to teaching but also having a friendly demeanor in my voice. I am able to communicate properly with parents when giving great news and regretful information. Communication is the key to a child’s success, you must understand how each child learns best and gain their trust to be able to enforce rules, lessons, and have your classroom pay attention to the lesson being taught. Motivation is the next key to effective communication by encouraging my students to set goals for themselves while I monitor their performance which improves classroom effectiveness.
• I follow instructions and use initiative.
• I have a positive and creative approach to teaching.
• I am team oriented and willing to learn new things.
• I set high expectations to help motivate, inspire, and challenge my students.
• I have a student focused approach to my work.
• I use a creative approach to problem solving.
• I am comfortable working in a changing environment and can adapt quickly.
• I am confident, passionate, and have creative energy.
• I believe in equal opportunity for all of my students regardless their learning ability.
• Relationship building
• Assisting Children with homework, classwork, and any other inquiries they may have.
• I am hard working, patient but fun, and sympathetic towards all my students.


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