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An easy way to understanding Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry

tutoring & advice

 with Olatoye Sulaimon

short description:
its an avenue to spur those willing to learn
long description:
I offer teachings in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth
science. Any topic in any of the above subjects are being by
taught by me in such an easier way that would make you easily
remember. Also, I give some tips on how to answer some
questions by just mere shortcut. A trial will convince you.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
 session structure

total duration: n.a.

discussion forums: 1

fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Olatoye Sulaimon

description of :
I find teaching really interesting because it's what I love doing. I feel great whenever I help and offer knowledge where needed.
Teacher's qualifications:
Qualifications: BSc Geology, Diploma in Computer Engineering. Additional Certificate: Shell Geoscience summer school. Worked in a school where I taught Mathematics and Chemisty. Also, I worked with FIFA during the U-17 World cup. I have the ability to relate with others.
's preferred teaching style:
My teaching styles are unique because I consider the learner, also as a tutor, and this helps make things easier. In as much as I tutor, I try my possible best to make it lively by making jokes so as not to bore the learner. Also, I give explanations to things not understood by using our surrounding and things that could be easily remembered. I love to dedicate my time and give full attention to the learner, thereby being there whenever he/she needs me.

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