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IB English and Spanish Language and Literature

tutoring & advice

 with Josefina Carrion-Dreyer

short description:
I offer one-on-one support for Higher Level Language and Literature courses as required by the International Baccalaureate Programme
long description:
Per IB requirements, I offer professional experience towards
achieving the aims of Language A to:

"1. introduce students to a range of texts from different
periods, styles and genres
2. develop in students the ability to engage in close, detailed
analysis of individual texts and make relevant connections
3. develop the students’ powers of expression, both in oral and
written communication
4. encourage students to recognize the importance of the
contexts in which texts are written and received
5. encourage, through the study of texts, an appreciation of
the different perspectives of people from other cultures, and
how these perspectives construct meaning
6. encourage students to appreciate the formal, stylistic and
aesthetic qualities of texts
7. promote in students an enjoyment of, and lifelong interest
in, language and literature.

Language A: literature aims
In addition, the aims of the language A: literature course at
SL and at HL are to:
8. develop in students an understanding of the techniques
involved in literary criticism
9. develop the students’ ability to form independent literary
judgments and to support those ideas."
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 2:00 PM EST
fee comments:
The fee is per hour/per participant.
 session structure





IB English and Spanish Language and Literature

live session

I offer one-on-one support for Higher Level Language and Literature courses as required by the International Baccalaureate Programme

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 35US$  (350lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Josefina Carrion-Dreyer

description of :
I have more than a decade of guiding and
supporting students at the High School,
Undergrad and Graduate levels. I believe
that everyone can learn if the teacher
understands learning styles and
individuality. I am fully bilingual
(English-Spanish) and hold a Master's degree
in Teaching Speakers of Other Languages
Teacher's qualifications:

Master’s Degree in Education with a
Specialization in Teaching English to
Speakers of Other Languages – TESOL – Nova
Southeastern University (2007)
Graduate Degree in Business Economics -
Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y
Maestra (2001)
Bachelor’s Degree in Law – Universidad
Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena (1994)
Dominican Republic Licensed Lawyer (1994 –
Associate’s Degree in Education with a Major
in Modern Languages – English and French –
Universidad del Caribe (2005)

Work Experience

Education Initiative and Community Affairs
Director for Latin America and the Caribbean
- Major League Baseball – International
Operations (Dominican Republic) (May 2012-
May 2013)
Develop, maintain, expand and supervise
educational programs for the 30 Baseball
Academies in the Dominican Republic.
Organize and plan academic programs and
activities for Major League Baseball’s
Prospect League.
Develop the learning as well as appraisal
techniques that help check the academic
performance of the players.
Provide ideas regarding teaching strategies
and best practices.
Coordinate professional development
opportunities for Academy Administrators,
Trainers and Staff.
Coordinate professional development
opportunities for MLB staff.
Identify and hire competent organizations
and institutions that offer educational
services for athletes.
Prepare and execute program budget.
Upper School Principal at Saint George
School – IB International School (June 2010-
June 2012)
Establish and promote high standards and
expectations for all students and staff for
academic performance and responsibility for
Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and
clear procedures for the operation and
functioning of the school consistent with
the philosophy, mission, values and goals of
the school including instructional programs,
extracurricular activities, discipline
systems to ensure a safe and orderly
climate, building maintenance, program
evaluation, personnel management, office
operations, etc.
Ensure the strengthening of the curriculum
through objective and effective organization
of integral procedures; curricular alignment
with the International
Baccalaureate (IB) Program, and
implementation of best educational
Supervise the instructional programs of the
school, evaluating lesson plans and
observing classes (teaching, as duties
allow) on a regular basis to encourage the
use of a variety of instructional strategies
and materials consistent with research on
learning and child growth and development.
Establish procedures for evaluation and
selection of instructional materials and
equipment, approving all recommendations.
Organize and supervise procedures for
identifying and addressing special needs of
students including educational and health-
related concerns, as well as physical and
Prepare and execute high school budget.
Professor at Universidad Dominico Americano
(Dominican Republic) of various undergrad
and graduate courses including: Introduction
to Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics,
Oral Communication, Methodology of Teaching
English as a Second Language, Evaluations
and Assessments, Literary Analysis, amongst
others. (Aug 2006 – Aug 2009)
Develop and manage syllabus materials.
Coordinate courseware and curriculum with
academic department chair.
Facilitate class instruction.
Evaluate student performance.
Adhere to protocol guidelines.
Respond promptly to grade determination.
Participate at university seminars as
Provide advisory to undergrad graduate
students for individual and group research.
Certified International Baccalaureate
Language and Literature Teacher (Aug 2008 –
June 2012)
Facilitate the writing of the integrated
units of study for English A2 and English
Language and Literature.
Provide guidance for and during selection
and preparation of required Written Tasks.
Prepare students for standardized IB oral
and written examinations.
Faculty Advisor for Model United Nations
Group (Sept 2005- June 2011)
Conduct weekly meetings with head MUN
Supervise weekly meetings with members and
discuss agenda.
Guide members in individual research in
preparation for Model UN conferences.
Read, revise and edit all working papers
(opinions, position papers, speeches) to be
used and/or presented at conference.
Work directly with all MUN officers
regarding their positions and
Serve as liaison to and representative
before other schools/institutions and the
United Nations Association of the Dominican
Republic (UNA-DR) regarding all MUN
Serve as the official representative before
the UNA-DR regarding all MUN conferences.
Coordinator of an outreach program sponsored
by the Dominican Board of Education for
teaching English to Spanish speaking
children at public schools (Sept 2005-May
Implement a strategy for delivering outreach
and education activities.
Conceptualize, write, and oversee production
of education and outreach materials.
Prepare tools for evaluation of students
prior, during and post intervention.
Ensure continuous improvement of the

Responsible for an integrated High School
Remedial Language Arts Program (Aug 2004 -
June 2007)
Provide professional leadership in
curriculum design and instructional
Plan, supervise and coordinate the ninth
through twelfth grade reading and language
arts program.
Support and enhance the development of
student assessments.
Provide support and continuous follow-up of
student achievement.
Responsible for the implementation and
assessment of standards based performance
portfolios (Aug 2004 - June 2007)
Train teachers on the effective use of
standards based portfolios.
Provide guidance and support for students
while working on portfolios.
Determine proper tools for evaluation of
standards based portfolios.
Attorney, Private Law practice, labor law
focus (Jan 1995- Dec 2004)
Represent clients in civil litigation and
other legal proceedings, draw up legal
documents, and manage or advise clients on
legal transactions.
Mentor in Student-Teacher Mentoring Program
(Michigan State University) (Sept 2005 –
June 2006)
Analyze student data to identify
professional needs.
Develop an academic achievement plan with
Monitor goal setting, activities, classroom
follow-up and goal attainment for cluster
groups and Individual Growth Plans (IGPs).
Assess teacher evaluation results.
Assist in the design and delivery of
research-based professional development for
cluster groups.
Provides follow-up (e.g. modeling, team
teaching, observations with feedback) that
supports/models how to use the ideas and
activities learned in cluster.
Provide access to materials and research-
based instructional methods to cluster
groups and/or mentees.
World Literature and World History Teacher
for English Language Learners (Aug 2004 –
June 2007)
Teach thirty classes per week.
Prepare lesson plans according to the
curriculum approved by the department head,
post assignments and grades to the school
portal regularly, communicate with parents
and tutors and provide them with the
recommendations for individual students.
Participate in monthly professional
development sessions, work collaboratively
with colleagues on instructional
methodology, enter and analyze academic and
behavioral data in the school data
management system.
Perform outside of the classroom duties as
directed (e.g., lunch, transition
Communicate with parents, participate in the
evening activities such as Open Houses,
parent-teacher conferences, parents nights,
Elementary Teacher – Fourth and Fifth Grades
(Aug 2001 – June 2004)
Teach thirty classes per week.
Administer and develops subject specific
assessments for the purpose of
assessing student competency levels and/or
developing individual learning plans.
Advise parents and/or legal guardians of
student progress for the purpose of
communicating expectations; student's
achievements; developing methods for
improvement and/or reinforcing classroom
goals in the home environment.
Assess student progress towards learning
targets, objectives, expectations, and/or
goals for the purpose of providing feedback
to students, parents and administration.
Monitor students in a variety of educational
environments (e.g. classroom, cafeteria,
playground, school grounds, hallways,
restrooms, field trips, etc.) for the
purpose of providing a safe and positive
learning environment.
Collaborate with instructional staff, other
school personnel, parents and a variety of
community resources for the purpose of
improving the overall quality of student
outcomes, achieving established classroom
objectives in support of the school
improvement plan.
Counsel students for the purpose of
improving performance, health status,
appropriate behavior, problem solving
techniques and a variety of personal issues.
Demonstrate and differentiate methods
required to perform classroom and/or subject
specific assignments for the purpose of
providing an effective program that
addressing individual student requirements.
Prepare lesson plans according to the
curriculum approved by the department head,
post assignments and grades to the school
portal regularly, communicate with parents
and tutors and provide them with the
recommendations for individual students.


Twelve years experience as an educator and
education director.
Nine years experience as a practicing
Excellent program administration skills.
Bilingual and biliterate – Fluent English,
fluent Spanish.
International Relations – United Nations.
Strong skills of budget management.
Interpersonal and personal management
Excellent communication and writing skills.
Proficient with computer literate such as
Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point
and Internet.
Outstanding skills as team player.
Excellent skills of academic instructor.
Able to work under pressure and
Responsible for other duties as assigned.

Participation as Guest Speaker

Presentation at Dominican Republic Senate
(hearing), Major League Baseball academic
participation in student education (2012)
Educational Interventions at various Little
League baseball clubs (2012)
Reading and Second Language Learners (2008)
“Encouraging Language Learners to read in
the Target Language: Strategies for Helping
ESL Students Engage in Reading”
Education: The Key for a Better Tomorrow
(2006) with topic “Bilingual Education: Are
we headed in the right direction?”
Improving Teachers’ Oral Communication
Skills (2006) with topic “Are you sure your
message is reaching them? Improving what we
say and how we say it”
Effective Authentic Assessments (2005) with
topic “The Use of Standards Based Literature


English (native)
Spanish (native)
's preferred teaching style:
I am an educator who strongly believes in
going at a student's pace whilst keeping
with the established objectives and aims.

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