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Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

professional services

 with Barbara Karafokas

short description:
The Med Life Diet - 12 Essential Steps to Creating Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Attitudes for Life !
long description:
The Med Life Diet is a complete healthy lifestyle program based on the guiding principles of developing a healthy mind and body, whilst also making people more aware and sensitive to their surrounding environment.

The Med Life Diet is a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle system which I have developed over the past fifteen years. It is a 12 week program packed with healthy eating and healthy living information designed to help one develop healthy lifestyle habits and attitudes for life !

The main modules it is composed of are:

• Healthy Eating
• Wholefood supplements and herbs
• Creating Good Health
• Reducing Chemicals and Toxins in Your Environment
• Living Lightly - Green Living tips
• Fitness
• Stress Management
• Wearing Your Party Hat ! Taking Time out to Play.
• Developing healthy attitudes and a positive mental outlook.

minimum class size:
fee comments:
The above fee is inclusive for all 12 modules and 12 skype meetings.
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Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

live session

The Med Life Diet - 12 Essential Steps to Creating Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Attitudes for Life !

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 120US$  (1200lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Barbara Karafokas

description of :
Barbara brings a blend of skills to her practice and teaching. For over twelve years she has been committed to creating awareness about the hidden dangers to health. She promotes healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle combined with the Mediterranean diet and the raw food diet.

As a health and wellness consultant she offers corporate health and wellness programs, individual nutritional counseling and creates healthy delicious menus for spas and other establishments.

Barbara is also the author of ‘The Med Life Diet’ an ingenious 12 week program, aimed at creating healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits & attitudes for life !
Teacher's qualifications:
Barbara is a qualified Nutritionist and a Health and Wellness Expert. She initially earned an undergraduate degree in Business and Finance from Thames Valley University and an Executive Certificate in Management from Henley Management College. Working in the business and finance sector for ten years and after attending an Anthony Robbins Seminar in 1999, Barbara realized that she wanted to follow a career that would allow her to be more directly involved in helping others. This led to her obtaining a master's degree in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health.
's preferred teaching style:
This is a self-paced course where written material is sent to you with weekly tasks and online meetings / discussions held in a virtual class room or over Skype are arranged to discuss your progress or any queries you may have.

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