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Aviation Technology

tutoring & advice

 with Keith Goodrum

short description:
50 years in a technological industry covering all major technical subjects relating to Aviation
long description:
Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering, encompassing first line, second line and Heavy maintenance of all commercial aircraft with a special focus on Heavy commercial jets in all operational environments from airlines,Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facilities (MRO)to completion and finishing centers for private, corporate and Head-of-State aircraft.
Quality Control and Assurance of aviation facilities and an introduction to the Federal Code of Regulations with special emphasis on Federal Aviation regulations (FAR's)
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Two weeks
fee comments:
Hourly rate
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Aviation Technology

live session

50 years in a technological industry covering all major technical subjects relating to Aviation

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 30US$  (300lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

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United States

Keith Goodrum

description of :
50 years in technical disciplines in aviation0 years with the Royal Air Force in the UK and 40 years in civil commercial aviation. I am currently a retired Aeronautical Engineer
Teacher's qualifications:
No formal teaching Qualifications, however in my professional career I frequently lectured on technical and administrative subjects to technicians, managers and peers.
With a degree in Aeronautical Engineering holding many technical qualifications from British, American and foreign aviation authorities.
's preferred teaching style:
Voice and graphics with student interaction as required.

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