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Dr. Bridget Griggs, Associate Online Faculty

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short description:
I am current an Adjunct History Professor of 6 years and online professor of 1 year.
long description:
I love to teach in the area of Higher Education because there is more leverage as it relates to the ability to be creative and providing instructional strategies that can relate directly to the students' prior and current experiences.
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Dr. Bridget Griggs, Associate Online Faculty

live session

I am current an Adjunct History Professor of 6 years and online professor of 1 year.

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total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
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languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 40US$  (400lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Bridget Griggs

description of :
I taught 1 year in high school, 2 years in middle school, and have been teaching 6 years in college.
Teacher's qualifications:
Bridget Renee' Griggs, Ph. D.
Permanent Address:
328 Bessemer Super Highway
Birmingham, AL 35228
(205) 542-2520 (cell)

OBJECTIVE: To educate pre-service teachers on the methods of teaching, the
philosophy of teaching, and to provide guidance in preparation for becoming teachers. Certified to teach social studies content from grade 6th and beyond. I am also certified to teach college-level history.

Ph. D., Secondary Education August 2010
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL

M.A.T, Secondary Education/Social Sciences May 2005
University of West Alabama Livingston, AL

B.A., History Pre-Law May 2001
Stillman College Tuscaloosa, AL


Educate Online
March 2012 to July 2012
Duties include:
• Teach reading and math through an online environment through audio and/or chat
• Write session notes for future teachers to review

Faculty Member
Ashford University
February 2012 to the present
Duties include:
• Provide weekly instructor guidance to assist in student learning
• Facilitate online discussions
• Assess student learning through discussion board posts, journal entries, and various assignments
• Answer student concerns either through email or through the classroom environment

Clinical Assistant Professor
The University of Alabama (Alabama Consortium for Educational Renewal (ACER) and Curriculum & Instruction)
August 2010 to December 2011
Duties included:
• Provided meaningful service learning experiences for Introduction to Secondary Education students
• Ensured professional development opportunities for teachers at ACER’s Professional Development Schools
• Facilitated the establishment and conducting for student support groups for girls and boys
• Updated the budget of ACER and grants
• Observed Methods block students and Student Interns during their teaching episodes
• Orchestrated and distributed materials for the Teacher Education Program
• Monitored the partnership between ACER and its Professional Development Schools
• Remained in contact with ACER Site coordinators

Graduate Teaching Assistant
The University of Alabama
August 2008 to July 2010

CSE 489: Clinical Experiences in the Secondary Schools
Duties included:
• Facilitated student teaching and observe teaching episodes; evaluate class assignments; evaluate technology assignments for the technology designated course

CSE 390: Instruction and Accommodation in Secondary Schools
Duties included:
• Taught students how to create lesson plans, classroom procedures and management plans, how to motivate their students, how to evaluate and assess their students, how to effectively teach special populations, and how to address issues of equity and diversity in the classroom

Adjunct Professor
Faulkner University
Birmingham, AL:
May 2007 to the present
Duties include:
Teaching the following History Courses
• HY 1301-United States History to 1865
• HY 1302-United States History from 1865 to the Present
• HY 2303-Introduction to African American History
• HY 2301-Western Civilization 1
• HY 2302-Western Civilization 2

Ready to Work Instructor
Shelton State Community College
Tuscaloosa, AL:
November 2009-August 2010
Duties included:
• Assisted students with completing job applications, resumes and interviews
• Provided knowledge on such issues as: time management, workforce violence, team work, decision making, sexual harassment, communication skills and many other valuable workforce development skills.
• Administered the AIDT test for students

Teacher, All ages
Sylvan Learning Center
Hoover, AL; Tuscaloosa, AL
June 2006-August 2008; July 2009-December 2011
Duties included:
• Taught reading, writing, math, and study skills
• Administered diagnostic and on-going assessments

Praxis-ETS Scorer for the Middle School Social Studies Praxis Exam
October 2007- to the present
Duties include:
• Calibrate with other scorers previous scores to ensure inter-rater reliability

Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
Jones Valley K-8 (Birmingham City Schools)
Birmingham, AL
December 2006-May 2007
Duties included:
• Taught Modern World History
• Tutored in preparation for the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test (ARMT)

Teacher, 5th-8th grade
North Sumter Junior High School (Sumter County Schools)
Panola, AL
August 2005-December 2005
Duties included:
• Taught Early United States History, United States History, Civics and Geography and Modern World History

Teacher, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade
Sumter County High School (Sumter County Schools)
York, AL
August 2004-May 2005
Duties included:
• Taught World History, Ethnic Studies, and United States History
• Tutored students in preparation for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.

Graduate Research Assistant
The University of Alabama
August 2008 to July 2010
Duties included:
• Conducted research for professors in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction
• Edited and assisted in preparing manuscripts to be submitted to professional journals
• Developed resources for content area teachers in the area of technology integration
• Facilitated meetings between the Clinical Master Teachers (CMT) and student teachers on behalf of the College of Education as a liaison; monitor the progress of student teachers
• Conducted interviews for the Teacher Education Program; assess pre-service teachers through the grading of written exams
• Assisted with a national project entitled Social Studies Inquiry Research
• Collaborative (SSIRC); observation of teachers in action; conducted exit interviews; assessed classroom instructional materials
• Organized materials for the Teacher Education Program

Presentations at Professional Conferences
Matherson, L, Griggs, B., Wright, V., & Inman, C. (2009, November) Finding your voice:
Engaging students in democratic decision-making through technology. Presentation at the 89th Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), Atlanta, GA.

Wilson, E., Griggs, B., Matherson, L., & Freyer, M. (2009, November) What difference
does it make?: The impact of peer coaching study teams on U. S. history classrooms.
Presentation at the 89th Annual Conference of the College and University Faculty
Assembly (CUFA), Atlanta, GA.

Wilson, E. K., Griggs, B., Brown, A., & Livingston, C. V. (2009, November) Barriers to
success for student teachers: Potential pitfalls during the student teaching experience.
Presentation at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Mid-South Atlantic Educational Research
Association (MSERA) , Baton Rouge, LA.

Griggs, B. (2009, March). How does technology impact students' learning of Social
Studies? Presentation at the 12th Annual Graduate Student Association Research and
Thesis Conference, University of Alabama.

Griggs, B. (2009, February). Technologies for the classroom: What they are and how to
use them. Presentation at the Seventh Annual Stillman College Integration of Technology into Instruction: Best Practices Conference, February 19-20, 2009, Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL.


Faculty Mentor
Tide Together Initiative
The University of Alabama
August 2010 to the December 2011
Duties included:
• Mentored a master’s student from the Human Development department
• Met with mentee about research interests and classes

Graduate Student Peer Mentor
Tide Together Initiative
The University of Alabama
September 2009-August 2010
Duties included:
• Mentor doctoral students; collaborate with the faculty mentor and doctoral student

Peer Reviewer
Social Studies Research and Practice Journal
June 2009-present
Duties include:
• Review articles submitted for inclusion into the journal.
• Critique the article according to a rubric
• Offer suggestions to the author and recommend for approval, denial, or revise and re-submit.

Graduate Student Leadership Council
University of Alabama-Department of Curriculum and Instruction
August 2008-July 2010
Duties included:
• Set up seminars for the guidance of graduate students (ex. IRB, program of study, dissertation preparation)
• Conducted school visits to encourage teachers to obtain higher degrees
• Monitored the progress of the other officers

We The People Program
Samford University, Birmingham, AL
December 2008-present
Duties include:
• Research information that will be presented
• Judge students ability to deliver content and provide foundational backing
• Tally the scores to determine the top teams to move on in the competition

Mentor of Pre-service teachers
University of Alabama-Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Spring 2009
Duties included:
• Provided solutions to commonly found problems in the classroom
• Gave feedback on their video-taped teaching episode
• Mentored them on developing as teachers

Professional Organizations
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA)

's preferred teaching style:
I love to teach with experiential learning. I currently teach online and I know how important the teacher presence is. I like to ensure that the students are being led to think critically and that they always feel that they can ask me any questions. I do not currently have the capability in my classroom environment but I would also incorporate the usage of web cameras and microphones to simulate the face-to-face classroom environment.

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