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Do you want to learn French or English with a patient tutor?

tutoring & advice

 with Andritseheno Ranjatoelina

short description:
The asset comprises conversational french or english, academic english and essay proofreading.
long description:
I am devoted to tutor you in French or English as I do speak both languages fluently.

have spent 6 years in Lyon studying trade and came to Australia to
get my Master's degree in finance. I have had experience in tutoring
university students as well as professionals with need to improve
their speaking or reading skills, while in Australia. I have also
gained experience in
teaching French or helping international students (academic or
Business English) to work on their
university essays.

The sessions are to be offered via Skype or email, or chat, this is entirely up to you.
If you need assistance in improving your conversational skills, if you want to learn one of those languages from scratch or if you are struggling with your essays...then, I'm here to help!!

Thank you for your time,

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
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Do you want to learn French or English with a patient tutor?

live session

The asset comprises conversational french or english, academic english and essay proofreading.

1h 0m

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Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 28 February 2013 06:30 internet time: @313 | view full details |

languages: French
fee: 17US$  (170lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online

Quick Help


Andritseheno Ranjatoelina

description of :
My name is Andry,

French is my mother tongue and English is a language I do speak fluently and I would like to share with you the
beauty of those languages if you want to. Once in my life, I
took up this decision to attempt to study in France, and then
Australia to undertake my
Graduate degree in Finance and while being there, I still do
remembered having encountered difficulties in adapting to a new system
of education while urging myself to adapt to a better understanding of
a new language. I can therefore be in a good position to fully
understand how it is to start or more exactly to have to start
learning a new language.
I am here today to give you the chance to get familiar with not only
new words, or new expressions, but also may be, a new culture.
I consider myself to be very patient, we will start with the basics
(grammar, conjugation...), then go on slowly onto short sentence
construction and pronunciation.
English, as well as French, is my mother language. I lived in France
for five years before coming to Australia for a Graduate Diploma in International Business and a Master in finance, which
gave me an unique opportunity to master my skills in english through academic essays, finance cases presentations and last, but not least, by living in an english-speaking environment for a long period of time.

Teacher's qualifications:
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
Derivatives (Dist), FI Lending (Pass), Corporate Financial Analysis (credit)
Being accredited by AQIS, this finance degree gave me the opportunity to develop my numerical skills while allowing me to gain insights into financial data analysis. In addition, this degree improved my presentation skills whilst providing me with sound understanding of notions of valuation, banking, lending processes and corporate finance.

University of Western Sydney—Sydney, Australia
This degree has provided me with solid understanding cross-cultural business practices and has improved my skills in conducting research on specific topics, compiling information and data analysis.

Temple University-Philadelphia, USA & CEFAM-France (BBA foundation courses)
Risk Management (B), Financial markets (C)
The AACSB-accredited Temple BBA & the Certificate of Management provided me with some core understanding of business concepts including risk management strategy, buyer behavior and finance. During the course of this degree, I had the unique chance to experience some linguistic, cultural and academic shifts, which are reflected in how I experienced differences in group organizations and problem-solving approaches.

Course & Practical Internships in Trade ▪ (1999-2001)
ISEG—Lyon, France.

Skills Profile
Communication skills
• Prepared and conducted three 35 minutes and a dozen of presentations as part of my finance and MIB courses using PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets.
• Developed report writing and data analysis skills through project assignments
• Experience of dealing in a positive way with a wide range of customers through working and internships.
• Improved negotiation skills through discussing contentious issues with retailers

Teamwork Skills
• Collaborated within different teams during food preparation, food deliveries and services at a fine-dining restaurant
• Gained insights on how teams could develop effective strategies to deal with organizational issues during project assignments

Personal Organization
• Adapted quickly to changing cultural & linguistic environments whilst taking steps to undertake studies in different cultural and linguistically environments
• Learned the importance of prioritizing tasks during busy times by focusing myself on setting up achievable goals

Other Practical experiences
• Conducted a marketing research on the motivations that led foreign students to choose Australia as a place for tertiary education
• Gained insight into inventory management
• Gained insight into International payment methods and clearance processes
• Has had experience with face-to-face interviews, recorded results and interpreted data when conducting a market study for Orange, France-Telecom
• Researched, compared and dealt with the company product suppliers
• Designed company website using ‘Volusion’ as an e-commerce platform
• Selected items and drew site categories after an assessment of the local market inspired from Porter 5Cs to determine project feasibility
• Estimated cost of inventory, sales prices and estimated net total Profit based on different scenarios before launch of the online venture

Tutoring Experience

• Structured course contents for students/customers following a specific learning methods
• Currently conducting French and English tutorial via online mediums
• Provided assistance for students in regards to their homework
• Tutored students/professionals on a one-to-one basis, from 2009 to 2011, whilst studying in Australia
• Established positive relationships with student
• Created detailed lessons and unit plans based on goal-setting outcomes
• Dealt with students from various educational and cultural backgrounds

Work Experience

2012-Current Site Operator,, an online fashion retailer store
2009_Current French and English Tutor
2007 Market analyst, Positive IT, Parramatta-Sydney, NSW
2005 Assistant Product promoter, Mocoh Gas, Madagascar
2002 Junior market analyst, France-Telecom, Lyon-France
2001 Intern, BNI- Credit-Lyonnais, Madagascar
2001 Intern, Logerail, Paris (railway & machinery parts exporter)

Positions of Responsibility

• Ensured about timely delivery of gas to remotely located retailers and oversaw delivery and payment processes
• Managed a coffee-bar for both staff and students during busy hours
• Has managed bookings, reception and entertainment of guests at fine-dining restaurant
• Has had experience in covering 4-5 tables totaling 20 customers and serving a Banquet of 70 guests while maintaining high-quality services
• Handled cash transactions, input data on a daily basis and reported about items delivered and turnover
• Notified customers by letter in regards to Letter of credit settlements, custom clearance or eventual delays


• Full clean driving license, Proficiency of MS Office, Mac OS
• Excellent knowledge of French, Basic Knowledge of German and Spanish
• Knowledge of HTML and basic site building skills


• Travel: Have developed a good knowledge of France and the French culture through traveling and living in France; have visited 7 other European countries to learn more about differences of cultures within Europe through food and architectures specificities.
• Writing: Redacted a 35-page guidebook in French focusing namely on departures/settlement aspects, cultural differences, studying overseas.
• Actualities: Keeping up-to-date with current economical and political news through international newspapers, including LePoint, newsweek, LeFigaro, Sydney Morning Herald).

's preferred teaching style:
I am here today to give you the chance to get familiar with not only
new words, or new expressions, but also may be, a new culture.
I am very patient with people and would not mind at all if you ask me
a similar question five times...on the contrary, I would do everything
to try to make you remember a very relaxed way I would say.
How I am teaching? Usually, I start by defining at which level you are
now; after that, I usually ask you in which areas she/he encounters
the biggest level of difficulties, let you ask questions regarding one
specific area (eg:conjugation, synthax) and try to adapt my methods
from there.

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