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Sales and Coaching in Business Relationships

training & business skills

 with Leonie Baxter

short description:
Understanding Sales Psychology and what you need to do to achieve strong relationships
long description:
With a 14 year background in Sales, Sales Performance Coaching and Sales
Management in both blue chip companies and more recently in private
practice, I have learned that you need 5 essential ingredients to create
excellent relationships.
I have an evidence Based Model of Coaching researched from my Masters
degree in Psychological Sales Coaching that is guaranteed to support your
sales career, your coaching and relationship skills and give you the keys to
becoming a long term successful human being.

Using the BECOME sales and coaching model, you will learn what really works
when it comes to supporting others needs, building empathic rapport, using
appropriate language, looking at solution exploration, conversation oscillation,
possibility language, solution finding and keeping the relationship engaged.

Using evidenced business Psychology principles you will learn to think in ways
that will keep your revenue streams in constant flow

credits obtained:
Evidence Based Sales and Coaching Diploma (basic)
12 Sessions of 1 hour, theory learning, individual
coaching, forum and discussion, final examination.
minimum class size:
1 per week with homework imbetween
fee comments:
The whole course including online sessions, 1:1
coaching , home learning, forums and exam.
 session structure





Sales and Coaching in Business Relationships

live session

Understanding Sales Psychology and what you need to do to achieve strong relationships

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: In general learning sessions will run for 60 minutes with
homework therafter

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 300US$  (3000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United Kingdom

Leonie Baxter

description of :
I have worked within blue chip pharmaceutical and
health care companies for nearly 15 years and have
been very successful in gaining high sales fast, optimal
performance in my sales teams and great motivation
and self belief in my people.

I have studied and also practice Psychology,
Psychotherapy and am in my final year of a Masters
degree, having already passed Evidence Based
Psychological Coaching at PG Cert level;
Psychological Perspectives on Self and Others; Health
and Wellbeing Coaching and Evidence Based
Leadership and Organisational Coaching.
Teacher's qualifications:
PG Cert in Evidence Based Coaching Psychology,
PGCert in Evidenced Based Perspectives on Self and
Others, PG Cert in Health and Wellbeing Coaching. pG
Cert in Evidence Based Leadership and Organisational
Cert in Train the Trainer
Cert in Train the Manager
's preferred teaching style:
Strict timed agenda sessions with room for flexible
discussion at the end.
Agenda and Presentation on theory and evidence
Directed learning activity to integrate learned theory
into practice
Research and homework exercises to further embed
Webinars, and written activity homework
Creation and inclusion to discussion forums to support
Facebook support closed group for BECOME coaching

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