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English Help

tutoring & advice

 with Christopher DeYoung

short description:
General tutoring in Speaking, Reading & Writing.
long description:
English Grammar, comprehension, spelling, essay writing, & vocabulary help.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
once a week
fee comments:
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English Help

live session

General tutoring in Speaking, Reading & Writing.

1h 0m

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Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 18 January 2002 13:00 internet time: @583 | view full details |

start: (GMT) 02 November 2002 03:10 internet time: @174 | view full details |

start: (GMT) 02 November 2002 04:00 internet time: @208 | view full details |

start: (GMT) 03 November 2002 14:15 internet time: @635 | view full details |

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

Quick Help


Christopher DeYoung

description of :
14 yrs teaching experience in many subject areas. Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology,
Math, PE, Health, ...Recently acquired TESL course to teach English. Very active & fit.Healthy
mind, body & spirit. I am a caring teacher, truly enjoy helping people learn, understand the many different
ways we all learn.
Teacher's qualifications:
Will copy resume here later...I have s B.Sc, B.Ed, TESL degrees from St.F.X.U. here in
Nova Scotia....have taught sciences here for 14 yrs....specialized in chemistry...have attended many
technology conferences & courses over the last few currently instructing Biology & Chemistry
through the U. of California, operating a local tutoring business & developing my own
online tutoring service....resume, references etc.. to follow...
Christopher Dwayne DeYoung

Box 1240, Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada BOK 1X1
Email: Phone: 902-755-3074

DOB: 30/06/63 SIN: 116 014 051 NS TC-5


St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS B.Sc 85, B.Ed 87 Biology major, Chemistry minor
Atlantic Overseas Training Institute, Halifax, NS TESL / TEFL 2000


MisterTutor Inc. - currently own & operate my own local tutoring service ( ) for
math, sciences, reading & writing, etc?

TutorsEdge Inc. - currently instructing Biology & Chemistry tutorial sessions for Calgary, Alberta based company.

Chignecto-Central School Board - '87-'01 - classroom teacher including Computer Science, Communications, Chemistry, Biology, Physically Active Lifestyles, Health, PE.


International Technology Conference ( ITC) - MIT, Boston, Mass, US '93
International Technology Conference ( ITC) - Edinburgh, Scotland, '99

Chignecto Central Summer Technology Instructor -East Pictou Rural High School - '95 - '97

Adult Education Gr. 12 Chemistry - Trenton High School - '87 - '90


Volunteer coaching experience including soccer, basketball, alpine skiing, softball, gymnastics ( 14 yrs)
Volunteer coordinator of High School Soccer & Elementary Basketball Leagues
NSSAF Basketball referee ( 14 yrs)
Personal Physical Fitness including triathlons, kayaking, scuba, hockey, blading, skiing, etc?.


Mr. Bob Ballantyne - Principal, New Glasgow High School
Ph: 902-755-8480 (w) 902-755-3381 (h) Fax: 902-755-8490 (w)

Dr. Lonny MacLeod - Math Dept. Head, New Glasgow High School
Ph: 902- 755-8490 (w) 902-752-8272 (h) Fax: 902-755-8490 (w)

Mrs. Cathy Cotter - Mayor - Town of Trenton
Ph: 902-752-5311 (w) 902-752-4650 (h) Fax: 902-752-0090 (w)

Mr. Danny Walsh - Sargent - Trenton Police Dept.
Ph: 902- 752-1113 (w) 902- 396- 3197 (h) Fax: 902-752- 2144 (w)

's preferred teaching style:
Friendly, personable, patient & dedicated....I understand the various ways people learn from my
extensive teaching background & being a lifelong learner myself....Student satisfaction is
essential for me...I am too conciencous too not offer quality instruction & I can change my
methods of teaching to suit individuals...we do not all learn the same..I know I didn't...I teach more by doing
hands on activities....get the learner involved...not just listening....lots of diagrams &
pictures to explain things...a definite visual learner myself....can easily scan pictures &
models into classroom to demonstrate principles....I also like to have fun when I teach so be
prepared for some jokes & laughs....learning can be creative, personable & truly enjoyable...

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