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Secondary English grammar, composition, and literature

 with Frederick Funk

short description:
M.A. English(36 yrs. classroom teaching)
long description:
I have an extensive knowledge base in addition to an M.A. in English and a minor in history. I have taught to a variety of learning modalities, using individualized teaching techiques. My approach is student-centered, animated, eclectic, yet curiously cohesive. To a given topic, I embrace tangential connections to embrace a wide spectrum of relevancies. I view learning through a wide-angled lens. I enjoy teaching conversations with literature, molding aspiring writers, and fine-tuning written communcation. My prevailing goal is to have a student understand, appreciate, and apply the complexity and beauty of the English language and its literary tradition.
minimum class size:
Most evenings(after 7 p.m. PST), .daytime hours upon request
fee comments:
Fee is based upon the quality, depth, and thoroughness of instruction.
 session structure





Secondary English grammar, composition, and literature

live session

M.A. English(36 yrs. classroom teaching)

1h 0m

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 15US$  (150lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Frederick Funk

description of :
I have taught high school English language, literature, and composition for 36 yrs. I have a vast array of knowledge and life experience I enjoy sharinng with others. I'm basically a low-keyed person with high expectations. I value precision in communication, both verbal and written.
Teacher's qualifications:
I have a B.A. and M.A. in English, with a minor in history. I have taught all levels of high school English, World History, U.S. HIstory, government, economics, math, algebra, physics, biology, geography, geology, psychology, weight-training, and physical education.
's preferred teaching style:
My focus is on the individual learning style of the student. Visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques are applied in order to tap into the learning process of the individual student. By accessing a broad base of knowledge and experience, I hope to make my subject relevant to the student.

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