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Perth Academy of Science

professional services

 with Perth Academy Of Science

short description:
Professional tuition in all levels of mathematics, physics and chemistry
long description:
We provide online private professional tuition in all school and college level mathematics, physics, chemistry and english literature. With 20 years experience specializing in the mathematical and physical sciences we provide quality education. We provide tuition with patient and understanding no matter how seemingly difficult or trivial the problem may be.
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Perth Academy of Science

live session

Professional tuition in all levels of mathematics, physics and chemistry

1h 0m

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languages: English
fee: 55US$  (550lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Perth Academy Of Science

description of :
I have 20 years experience in tuition and teaching in the mathematical and physical sciences. I tutor school, university, and industry students in all levels of maths, physics and chemistry. Currently I am the manager and senior tutor for Perth Academy of Science which offers professional tuition to school and university students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.
Teacher's qualifications:
B.S. Double Major in Mathematics and Physics.
Instructor for noise officer course at Curtin University.
Private tutor Western Coaching College tutoring high school maths, physics, chemistry.
Teacher - Phoenix College, teaching maths and science classes.
Tutor - Perth Academy of Science, tuition of high school and university students in maths, physics, chemistry.
's preferred teaching style:
I have complete patience with students learning difficulties. No matter how seemingly trivial or involved a problem may be I try to be as understanding as possible. I always strive to put students at ease and to let them know that it's ok not to understand something. I like to explain things at a deeper level of understanding and not so much by rote learning. By understanding maths or science at a deeper level we can see the underlying connections which makes learning more interesting and easier to follow. It also means that students will tend to make that knowledge a part of them and they will retain it longer.

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