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ESL Teacher and Tutor

tutoring & advice

 with William Bevalet

short description:
Teach English as a second language with the correct pronunciation
long description:
I have the resources and experience to take a person with
absolutely no English to an advanced level of reading, writing,
and speaking/listening in less than 16 months. My material is
fantastic as the students have no problems understanding the
newly presented structures, and I have pronunciation material I
have made for speaking and I teach how to understand Americans
when they speak...communication! I also prepare students for the
new iBT TOEFL test.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available most days until 2PM CST and
after 8Pm. Some days I am more available
than others. We can discuss this later at a
more appropriate time.
fee comments:
This is negotiable. With more students, the
less I will charge. I have taught 8 Chinese
people online at one time. I prefer 5-7 at
one time. I will do private classes for
 session structure





ESL Teacher and Tutor

live session

Teach English as a second language with the correct pronunciation

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 14US$  (140lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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William Bevalet

description of :
I am energetic, yet fun, thorough and
realistic in my goals as a teacher. I bring
a wealth of knowledge into my classes which
makes it easy for me to find a topic the
student is familiar with to introduce new
Teacher's qualifications:
I have been teaching for over 7 years now in
Mexico. I worked for Berlitz for 3 years
before venturing out on my own. I have
corporate accounts with BASF and Dupont here
and I have many private students. I do not
need to advertise, my performance does all
the advertising I need.
's preferred teaching style:
My classes are a mix of serious English
grammar,a lot of pronunciation, and humor.
We have great learning classes that are fun
at the same time. My material is easy to
learn and it helps to make for a stress-free
learning environment.

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