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Mandala Drawing (Basic)


 with Kerith Edwards

short description:
Basic manadala drawing skills, from creating a mandala seed to expanding 6 or more layers.
long description:
Mandalas are balanced, symmetrical, and generally quite beautiful. Drawing a mandala can be a creative pass-time, a meditation on some aspect of the self or the universe, or a profound form of mental, physical, and emotional focus.

Their beauty and symmetry inspire contemplation. They draw the maker and the viewer into a special kind of focus that few two-dimensional images can. For something so lovely and powerful, Mandalas are surprisingly easy to create, given a few basic parameters and some simple materials.

Tibetan Buddhists and some schools of Hinduism use mandalas to depict forms of the divine, portray realms of reality, and to celebrate truth.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available via email each day and will respond as quickly as possible to any student's request for information. I am also available to chat online in our classroom.
fee comments:
 session structure





Materials and Orientation

review materials

During this session, you will find out what materials you'll need to gather in order to draw and mandala. You will also get a simple orientation aimed at helping you establish a favorable disposition and a conducive setting for your mandala drawing practi

0h 20m

Creating a Mandala Seed


In this session, you will learn the basics of creating a mandala seed. This is literally the most crucial phase of the process, so it must be carefully mastered. This session can be done live or self-paced. For a live session, contact the instructor.

0h 20m

Expanding the Mandala

prepare assigment

In the session, you will learn how to expand out from the mandala's seed by forming layers of shape, form, flow, and markings, all of which accumulate to make a mandala.

0h 20m

The Mandala's Natural Growth

review materials

This session focuses on the nature of the mandala and how best to "allow" it to grow and evolve, based on your personal energy, thoughts, and feelings.

0h 20m

Finishing and Beautifying the Mandala

prepare assigment

When is the mandala finished? Only you can determine this. But how? This session will give you some tips regarding when and how to complete the expansion of the mandala's layers.

0h 20m

Closing Thoughts / Submission of Work

live session

In this session, which should ideally be live and involve the comments and interaction of other students, we will share work, ask questions, and submit--where possible--scanned or photographed versions of student work.

0h 20m

total duration: 2h 0m over 6 session(s)
comments: Depending on your skill level as an artist and how much time it takes you to read and follow the step by step instructions, this course could take you more or less than two hours. You may also want to repeat some parts of it again; for example, some people often want to see the mandala seed creation process more than once.

discussion forums: 2

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 10 September 2012 23:30 internet time: @021 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 2h 0m over 6 session(s)
fee: 10US$  (100lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Kerith Edwards

description of :
I am an organized and light-hearted teacher. My classroom is clean, fun, straightforward, and a forum for free-flowing exchange.
Teacher's qualifications:
My teaching career began in 2002, when I began teaching Comparative Literature at the university level. I have been an artist since the age of 10 and have been teaching others to create mandalas for three years.
's preferred teaching style:
First, I establish what it is I want to offer my students and what the ideal outcomes of their study and work with me will be. Then I design a course that walks my student, step by step, through the development of the skill and knowledge we will build together. I show, tell, model, and play, then ask students to demonstrate what they are learning.

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