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Application Programming


 with Curtis Otiende

short description:
visual basic 6 with ms SQL 2000 and microsoft access
long description:
Course Outline
Visual Basic 6.0 Introduction Part I
The Visual Basic Design Environment

* What Is Visual Basic?
* Graphical Design Environment
* Event-Driven Programming
* Getting Help in Visual Basic
* Practice

Introduction to Developing Applications

* Creating and Working with Projects
* Working with Forms
* Working with Controls
* Practice

Programming Fundamentals

* Visual Basic Code
* Working with Objects
* Working with Events
* Using Code Completion Features
* Using Visual Basic's Built-in Functions
* Working with Forms
* Practice

Visual Basic 6.0 Introduction Part II
Variables, Procedures, and Functions

* Variables
* Procedures
* Standard Modules
* Functions
* Practice

Control-of-Flow Language

* Conditional Structures
* Looping Structures
* Practice

User Interaction

* Controls
* Control Arrays
* String Manipulation Functions
* Input Validation
* Practice

Visual Basic 6.0 Intermediate
Debugging an Application

* Programming Errors
* Debugging Tools
* Practice

Error Trapping

* Unpredictable Errors
* The On Error Statement
* Practice

Compiling and Distributing Applications

* Compiling an Application
* Distributing an Application
* Practice

Visual Basic 6.0 Advanced
Working with Menus and Toolbars

* Menus
* Toolbars
* Practice

Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX / Com I
Creating Class Modules

* Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
* Classes Overview
* Building a Class
* Coding a Class
* Using a Class
* Practice

Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX/COM Part II
Creating ActiveX Controls

* Designing ActiveX Controls
* Exposing Properties, Methods, and Events
* Testing and Debugging
* Practice

Enhancing ActiveX Controls

* ActiveX Control Property Pages
* Data Binding
* Creating Help in Visual Basic
* Practice

Visual Basic Database Access Part I
Introduction to Databases

* Database Concepts
* Accessing and Manipulating Data
* Database Interoperability
* Practice

Introduction to SQL

* Introduction to SQL
* SQL Programming Essentials
* Retrieving Database Data
* Modifying Database Data
* Practice

Using Data Controls in Visual Basic

* Understanding Data Controls
* Connecting to a Database
* Creating Commands
* Displaying Recordsets in Forms
* Practice

Visual Basics 6.0 Database Access Part II
Programming with Active X Data Objects

* The ADO Object Model
* The Connection Object
* The Command object
* The Recordset Object
* ADO Errors
* Practice

Updating and Editing Data Records with ADO

* ADO Properties and Methods
* Modifying Data Records
* Disconnected Recordsets
* Practice

Advanced Data Access with ADO

* Working with SQL Server Security
* Using ADO Cursors
* Maintaining Data Integrity Through ADO
* Running Stored Procedures with ADO
* Practice

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Am available at 2200hrs-0430 from Monday to Friday, Kenyan time.
fee comments:
This fee is for the whole course. If you you refer another student, then your fee gets reduced by 5% for each of the first 5 friend you refer
 session structure





Application Programming

live session

visual basic 6 with ms SQL 2000 and microsoft access

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: This is time per class

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 240US$  (2400lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

Kenya Coast Republic

Curtis Otiende

description of :
I am Curtis Otiende, an IT specialist, major in programming with visual basic and MS SQL and MS Access, with three years experience in teaching the same.
Teacher's qualifications:
I earned degree in Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya
's preferred teaching style:
Teaching methodology: Introduce a real life problem, and then discuss with the student how the problem can be solved with visual basic. Finally I give the solution prepared for the class. Finally, I give an exercise and check/mark it in the next class(five-ten minutes) as an introduction for the particular class.

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