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Intro. Domestic Violence


 with C. Rivera Gonzalez

short description:
Stop Violence
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Introduction Domestic Violence, How Violence Starts and How to Stop Violence and Think of Children First!
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Intro. Domestic Violence

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Stop Violence

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    languages: English
    duration: 0h 30m
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    United States

    C. Rivera Gonzalez

    description of :
    As a teacher I understand my role in an Instructional movement tool to assist in making a difference. I am very aware and know about organizational structure and strong leadership. I have the interest and desire to succeed in teaching and i am a strong leader.
    There are many factors that separate average teachers from great teachers. In most cases, a person becomes a teacher due to working their way up the company ladder, however, being a great teacher is more than just being knowledgeable of your company’s products or services offered. You will need the essential teaching and leadership skills and knowledge to become a great teacher.
    Business will always need effective teachers and effective leaders. If a teacher is marginal, services and products suffer. If a teacher is exceptional, services and products will advance. I am an exceptional educational leader.
    Art and Mind training courses will give you the management skills needed to direct your lifestyle and enjoy affective courses, and the leadership skills needed to inspire others. You will also learn the basics in arts and psychology, similar to those taught in a University course. This crash course approach to “Art and Healing” will give you a better understanding on how Behavior, Mind and Art functions, and an overview of each of the major issues that help balance your life. You will be able to handle the realistic everyday scenarios with the utmost confidence. This course will give you the insightful knowledge you need to become an all around confident and mindful person.

    Teacher's qualifications:
    C. C. Gonzalez
    1835 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. 252
    Hallandale, FL 33009
    Home Phone (786)423-5459

    OBJECTIVE; A challenging position which provides an opportunity for utilization of my skills

    1. Demonstrated ability of effectively managing startup/turnaround situations
    2. Consistent record of achieving and surpassing desired results and creating new methods and ideas
    3. Proven record of people development
    4. Leader of creativity

    2003 – Present B.M.H Development Edu.
    1999 - 2003 Two Saints Prod/Ublink Studio
    1998 - 2003 Olan Mills Photography Studio
    1991 - 1999 Take 3 Video
    1987 - 2004 Performing Arts/Makeup Artist Instructor

    Ocean County College
    T.V.I Institute
    University of B.M.Sc

    TRADE SCHOOLS; Certified
    Graphic Art/Production
    Barbizon Acting & Modeling Instructor
    Metaphysical Sciences
    Pastoral Counselor
    Child-care Development

    Creative to new ideas, Omnicrom 2000 machinery system, Photography, Art & Crafts artist, Creative Writing, Hair & Make-up Artist, Proof Reading, Bilingual translator, Creative mannequin window store displays, Graphic art, Developing photos, MS word, MS excel, Outlook, Power point, Mac, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Windows 95, 98, XP, Printshop, Photo enhancing, Digital, Print layout, Lettering and art design, Sketching, Painting, Scripts, Poetry, Children Stories & Published Writer, Just simply art is my passion.

    On Masters for Human Development, Alumni D.D. Ph.D

    's preferred teaching style:
    Leadership skills of sharing a vision as a teacher my students future is motivated by my vision while following the plans, procedures, and tasks created.
    • Focus
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
    • Goals
    • Motivation

    My intent and determination to proactive and creativity, as a educational leader I will be directive, action-oriented and responsive. Organizational skills will provide a belief that the work and goals are worthwhile. As a teacher, I make sure each individual has the skills necessary to achieve goals. Individual will work at one owns unique pace. They are different roles, but combined they create an incredible overall teaching style.
    Confidence learned skills taught in my course, the more effective you can establish yourself as a leader. The best leaders recognize what they still need to learn. They are always open to ideas and insights that can lead to better ways to accomplishing goals.
    Each lesson is unique, which are essential and to be discussed through some invaluable tips, tricks and secrets to success of the mind.
    Trust is based on the respect and expectations of a leader who cares and acts with compassion in a most positive way. With trust there is:

    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Compassion

    3. Be there to help others succeed - Coaching, mentoring, communicating, and listening. Great interpersonal skills are vital for a successful leader. You don’t lead by hiding behind a leader. Be out there and find the strengths and talents, and
    You can do this by:

    • Coaching.

    • Mentoring.

    • Communicating.

    • Listening.

    Make sure students are 100% clear on the objectives.

    Create an effective student environment. Ask my students what they need to perform to their optimum. It can be a process modification, better tools to get the job done, and even to make their surroundings pleasing. The goal is to create a positive study place with as much positive energy as possible.
    Fully understand the goals of the student.
    Enthusiastic and optimistic. Striving for a better future with an energetic drive is contagious. My students will pick up on the same vibe. They want a better future just as much as I do. My job is to make them want to be the best and take pride in their studies. The more enthusiastic and optimistic I am, the more they can identify with working in a success driven field.
    Take a break when a student needs. When my student start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, he/she should take a break and walk around get a glass of water. Clear his/her mind while getting some breathing time. No need to stress out on someone else, especially when unjustified. We will discuss more about how to deal with stress in our lessons.

    Never ignore intuitiveness. Reason and logic are outweighed by the instinct to follow your “intuition” when making difficult decisions. When absorbing information, you can have the confidence that you are a strong leader, and use this strength when making the “intuitive” decision to study and advance.

    My methods and teaching style vary from class to class, i enjoy presentations, board, sketching and theory pictures.


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