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Teacher Anne

tutoring & advice

 with Rosanna Daquipil

short description:
Well as person and being online teacher my knowledge asset it is to help my student to store all the important data and information that they need them to know with the lesson I teach.
long description:
For more descripion of my offered knowledge asset are way of Shadowing, menoring which is hru online, way of instant messaging and intraner forums, Specific actios like after action reviews after significant events, and Post-Implementation Reviews after the class/course has been completed.
•Voluntary groups, also called communities of practice, that help the whole clasee/team members doing the same thing in different areas to meet informally and share information.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
USD 25.00 per hour
 session structure





Teacher Anne

live session

Well as person and being online teacher my knowledge asset it is to help my student to store all the important data and information that they need them to know with the lesson I teach.

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

Quick Help


Rosanna Daquipil

description of :
Describe yourself as a Teacher:
(Enter information on your background, current activities and any other facts relevant to you as a Teacher.)
What are the characteristics of the successful online instructor? I used to Organize and prepares course materials before I start with my online class, for me, I always make my self highly motivated and enthusiastic as a teacher, I'm
Committed to teach even online and also
has a philosophy supporting student-centered learning. I'm open to any suggestion that my student share to me.
I'm open to suggestions following pre- and post-learning evaluations
Demonstrates creativity
Takes risks sometimes since this is a part of learning process.
Manages time well to all my students.

Teacher's qualifications:
I'm graduate as Bachelor Degree in Arts and Sciences major in Psychology and I also finished Bachelor Degree in Education major in Elementary. I was a Preschool Teacher in relevant to my profession.
's preferred teaching style:
For me as a teacher one of my teaching method is to Motivate them to study and study their lesson.
The effectiveness of my teaching style will not just be dependent on how will I get their attention but to persuade them that they need to learn. Motivation for me will be key too. That is why as a teacher to adopt
or adapt my teaching style to match the purpose and learners’ needs and
my ability to motivate my students learners through adopting a teaching style that is
effective. Motivation has been defined as ‘that within the individual, rather
than without, which incites him or her to action’.1 Motivation may be
positive or negative.
With positive motivation your learners will be keen to learn more about a
subject because of the skills as an inspiring them, because the subject interests
them a great deal or they can see the relevance to their future career
progress. With negative motivation the learners may do things because of
the fear of failure or punishment or other adverse things that could happen
to them if they do not do something.
Positive motivation tends to leads to deeper understanding and better long
term learning than negative methods, which can lead to superficial learning
that is often forgotten.
Matching your style to the teaching format
As I plan to meet my learners’ needs and educational objectives will
broaden the range of teaching methods and learning strategies that I can
offer them as good teacher.

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