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Math, English, Science, Reading/Writing, History, Psychology

tutoring & advice

 with Bradley Shimkanin

short description:
I can help you! I am a highly intelligent and very persistent Soldier.
long description:
Any subject you are struggling in, I can most likely help you.
I am very educated from basic Math/Arithmetic to Human
Intelligence studies. I have a pretty widespread range of
skills and knowledge. I am also a Soldier, so you know I will
do anything and everything to help you. I will not give up on
you. I will not allow you to give up on yourself. If you really
need help in school or life in general, I can help you. I can
only assume that you're reading this because of one of two
things: 1) You're a student who is struggling with a certain
subject or a certain aspect within that subject and your
teacher isn't helping, or 2) You're a concerned parent whose
student is struggling and you feel like you need to go to
outside sources (such as the Internet) to get your child the
help they need/deserve. To both students and parents: Your
Search is Over! I'm here, I care, and I want to see everybody
succeed. Give this Soldier a try, I just may take you to the
level of difficulty:
all welcome
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Math, English, Science, Reading/Writing, History, Psychology

live session

I can help you! I am a highly intelligent and very persistent Soldier.

1h 0m

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fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Bradley Shimkanin

description of :
Since I was a kid, I have always been told
that I have a brain too big for my own head.
I always got A's and high B's throughout my
educational career. Things always came easy
to me, but I noticed more and more as I got
older that many of my friends and fellow
students were struggling in all the aspects
I thought were as easy as cake. I committed
myself during school hours in high school
(since I NEVER had time outside of school)
to try to help my friends in the areas they
were struggling, which of course led to me
becoming a registered tutor for my school. I
can assist any age person in multiple areas
of Math, English, Reading, Writing,
Entrepreneurship, Marketing, History,
Psychology and more! Again, all of these
subjects were ones that I have thrived in
throughout my career as a student. I joined
the United States Army right out of high
school, and I could not begin to describe
how thankful I am for being given that
opportunity. Today, I am a dedicated Soldier
of the United States Army, a loving fiancee,
and and Online Business extraordinaire. I am
not the average teacher/tutor, I put my
heart and soul into helping others. It's not
about a paycheck, though money of course is
great. I personally feel like many teachers
today forget why they became teachers, and
therefore the educational success of
children and teens is on a dramatic decline
in America. I just want to do my small part
in changing that. I care. I want to help. My
entire life so far has been dedicated to
helping people, even if it meant putting my
own career on hold. Give me a chance to
prove to you that once you work with me, you
won't want to work with anybody else.
Teacher's qualifications:

's preferred teaching style:
I always had a sort of passion for learning
new things, or learning new ways/aspects of
topics I already knew. I like instilling
that in the people I help. Everybody has
something in them that gives them the
ambition to learn (I won't go into detail
but it IS actually genetic), and it's the
simple matter of finding what makes one
"tick" in order to be interested in
learning. I would consider myself a bit of
an expert in this method. I love learning
and I love getting others into learning. I
have always believed that a more "hands-on"
approach to learning is the most effective
way to teach. I have also found that most
students prefer a "hands-on" approach to
learning. I am very open-minded and
persistent. There is not a single child,
teen, or adult that I have worked with that
I have not been able to successfully teach.

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