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English Language Tutor

tutoring & advice

 with Sami Qayyum

short description:
A proven research based method for improving speaking, reading, writing and listening skills
long description:
You will learn the language in a fun way and have the confidence and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. I will give you the language that you need for business, study, travel or just to meet new people. I will design a course to meet your needs and will give you the tools to be the English speaker that you want to be.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
7 days a week. I am unavailable between 7.00am and 3pm (my local timezone GMT + 4) Sunday to Thursday.
fee comments:
I am willing to give introductory classes at a lower rate.
 session structure





English Language Tutor

live session

A proven research based method for improving speaking, reading, writing and listening skills

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 40US$  (400lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United Arab Emirates

Sami Qayyum

description of :
I currently teach and train teachers in the Middle East. I have taught students of all ages from all over the world. Every student is different and I deliver lessons according each individual student's needs through a proven communicative methods. I have helped students pass exams which they thought would be impossible, I have given business people the ability to sell their products in new markets and most importantly I have given my students the ability to make new friendships and change their lives.
Teacher's qualifications:
MA in International Education, University of Bath, UK (2011-2013)
University of Cambridge CELTA(2005)
BSc Politics and Social Policy, University of Bristol, UK (2001 -2004)

Experienced and dedicated teacher and teacher trainer committed to transforming learning experiences of pupils through building capacity in educational professionals. Specialist knowledge of managing, designing and delivering creative, varied and inspiring training projects.

• Managed, designed and developed a cross curricular training programme for teachers, honed through a continuous planning, implementation and evaluation cycle, which has now been formalised across all Taaleem Edison Learning’s partner schools enhancing teachers’ pedagogical skills and raising student achievement of English each school.
• Designed and delivered a national UNICEF sponsored professional development course for life skills teacher trainers which cascaded down to every school in Eritrea, leading to more dynamic and varied teaching practice in schools throughout the country.
• Established a Key Teacher Programme through implementing a management structure in the regional Ministry of Education and identifying, training, and coordinating a team of key teachers, who continue VSO’s legacy of delivering in-school and regional training followed up with school visits and one-to-one professional development training sessions.

Taaleem Edison-Learning (TEL) , UAE September 2009-Ongoing
School transformation company committed to a research based and holistic approach to raising student achievement in state schools in Abu Dhabi.
Promoted to Coordinator of English Language Learning (ELL) and ELL Advisor Sep 2011
• Line manage five Learning Advisors across four state schools overseeing and supporting language learning programmes and teacher training projects, ensuring Key Performance Indicators are met.
• Created a strategic subject operational plan with my team, which I monitor and support to ensure international best practice is adhered to in all TEL schools.
• Present to and advise Senior Leadership Team on strategies and progress.

English Language Learning Advisor 2009-ongoing
• Implemented and run a successful English language learning programme for all teachers overseeing diagnostic testing, grouping, timetabling, resource purchasing, delivery of lessons and progress tracking. Maintain records for monitoring and inspection.
• Plan and deliver departmental and whole school CPD on topics such as content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and behaviour management, leading to an increase in English in the classroom and a standardised approach to behaviour management.
• Improved Teachers’ IELTS scores exceeding Abu Dhabi Education Council targets.
Voluntary Service Overseas/Ministry of Education, UK/Eritrea January 2008-July 2009
Leading international development organization, tackles disadvantage through capacity building.

• Delivered national, regional and in-school CPD to teachers, teacher trainers, school supervisors and school principals improving the educational experiences and opportunities of thousands of students. Topics included games and Jolly Phonics.
• Project managed Key Teacher Programme - Identified, trained, mentored and line managed a team of 8 Key Teachers who, acting as middle leaders and trainers, continue to support colleagues in their own and surrounding schools.
• Advisor to over 25 teachers in two kindergartens, five primary schools and two junior schools. Mentored and coached teachers through regular lesson observations providing formative feedback, coaching lesson planning, team teaching lessons, and delivering model lessons enhancing the learning experiences of their pupils.
• Developed Pedagogical Resource Centre (PRC) by working with the PRC Coordinator to secure grants for development of resources tailored to teachers’ needs.
• Designed and delivered an English for Specific Purpose Course for school teachers, raising the capacity of English in teachers and the quality of their educational delivery.
• Planned and delivered lessons to class sizes of 80-90 students, managing high differentiation of ability and age.
• Form tutor to a Grade 6 class, maintaining and developing relationships with parents and community, tracking student achievement and attendance.
• Raised student achievement through using assessment for learning, innovative teaching practice and running extra-curricular programmes for gifted and talented students.
• Consultant for Out of School Children Project giving pedagogical and curriculum advice.
• Forged strong relationships with partner organizations enhancing VSO’s reach.
• Planned and led outdoor learning activities at sites of local interest such as the Daro Hamushte – the oldest tree in Eritrea.

Bell Education Trust, UK 2006 and 2009 EFL Summer School Teacher
• Led and planned outdoor learning events including games, sports and drama. Led school trips and social events. Taught intensive English lessons and created, developed and shared resources, raising communicative and linguistic abilities of students.

Birmingham City University/Penn’s Recruitment, UK 2007 and 2005-2006
• Data management, arranged appointments between careers advisors and students, assisted lecturers and teaching professionals. Gave open day tours and talks.

L.E.S Idiomes, Spain 2006-2007
EFL Teacher
• Planned and delivered lessons for primary and secondary aged classes. Wrote student report cards and met regularly with parents. Maintained records of student progress and attendance and punctuality. Worked with SEN students. Supervised school trips.

MySchool English Centre, Spain 2005-2006
EFL Teacher
• Planned and delivered lessons for primary, secondary and adult learners.

OTHER: Spanish and Tigrinya Speaker/ Full UK Driving License/ Good ICT Skills.

's preferred teaching style:
Professional, friendly and student focused. I enable students to fulfill their potential and excel as English language communicators.

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