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Elementary School tutor in English, French, math,and science

tutoring & advice

 with Karen Abitbol

short description:
I have a bachelor in Early childhood and elementary education with 2 years experience. I was a homeroom teacher in French and English and taught many subjects. I have a high student success rate and dramatically helped improve academic grades.
long description:
I am highly knowledgeable in the following subject matters from
kindergarten to grade 6:

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
I have a bachelors degree in Early childhood
and elementary education as well as 2 years
of classroom experience.
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Elementary School tutor in English, French, math,and science

live session

I have a bachelor in Early childhood and elementary education with 2 years experience. I was a homeroom teacher in French and English and taught many subjects. I have a high student success rate and dramatically helped improve academic grades.

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languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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Karen Abitbol

description of :
I am a highly motivated individual who loves
helping people grow to their fullest
potential. I use positive reinforcement
techniques and fun learning methods in order
to ensure leaning is understood and not
Teacher's qualifications:
Karen Abitbol
To whom this may concern,

I am responding to your recent posting for
the online tutor for students. I believe
that with my bachelors’ degree in Early
Childhood and Elementary Education and my
two years experience as an elementary school
teacher I have the required skills it takes
to teach all subjects to young children at
all levels.

My experience as a teacher has given me vast
knowledge in management as well as positive
reinforcement techniques in order to ensure
proper growth and development of each
individual. I also possess a good working
knowledge of planning and executing short
term and long term goals and objectives
successfully. I have great interpersonal
skills and strong organizational skills with
the ability to multi-task.

The following is a summary of my skills and

• I have experience in teaching young
Koreans who did not know a word of English.
• I have vast experience teaching in a
classroom setting.
• I have great knowledge in keeping
records and detailed reports in order to
make sure that students understood concepts
• I am skilled at analyzing, listening,
sharing and communicating a message in a
respectful and caring manner.
• I have successfully developed strong
relationships with all students, parents,
and staff.
• I am skilled at planning and executing
daily lessons as well as units as per
keeping in line with the Quebec Education
• I am highly skilled at evaluating,
assessing and following up on the
progression of an individuals’ learning.

I would like to set up a meeting in order to
further discuss the position and how I can
improve your business as your new online
tutor. I can be reached at (514)-467-2346 or
emailed at


Karen Abitbol

mobile: 514-467-2346
Bilingual: English and French

I would like to obtain a position as an
online English teacher for children living
in China.

2005-2008 Concordia
Montreal, Qc
 Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in
Early Childhood and Elementary Education
2001-2004 Dawson
Montreal, Qc
 Business Administration, Marketing

Aug. 31 2010 - July 23 2011 Fraser
Academy Montreal, Qc
French homeroom teacher: cycle 3
 Continuously invented and created
educational games.
 Successfully adapted lessons and
work for students with learning
 Effectively dealt with difficult
parents by providing guidance and assurance
regarding students' academic performance.
 Dramatically improved classroom
behavior by using positive classroom
 Created close relations with
students, parents and staff
Sept. 30 2010 – July 20 2011
Haka Education: English tutor for young
• Successfully invented and
implemented classroom games in order to
promote fun learning
• Continually and dramatically
improved student learning of the English
• Effectively helped students get
higher grade levels.
• Worked in small group settings as
well as one on one

Aug. 31 2009 – July 23 2010
French specialist: cycle 3
 Successfully conducted, evaluated
and assessed all government exams.
 Effectively communicated through
active listening and questioning to help
students realize solutions to specific
 Efficiently helped parents deal with
struggling students by improving
their academic development.

I take great pleasure in photography and

's preferred teaching style:
I strongly believe that communication
between teacher and student is key to a
successful academic growth. I strongly feel
that a student needs to learn in a
stimulating environment with hands on
activities. Furthermore, I feel that my
style of teaching is less based on boring
lectures, ,but rather on hands on practice
providing the student to take initiative and
fully understand the subject being taught. I
always use positive reinforcement techniques
as well as positive criticism and constant

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