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Spanish 101

 with Rebecca Webb

short description:
Learning to speak conversational Spanish
long description:
With this course you will learn how to speak conversational basic Spanish. This is a must for anyone who is planning on traveling to a Spanish speaking country!
minimum class size:
I am available Monday-Friday 6pm-11pm
I am also reachable all day before 6pm via email.
fee comments:
If the fee is a hardship for you, please let me know and we can discuss it.
 session structure






prepare assigment

In this session you will learn greetings and how to use them effectively when speaking.

0h 30m

Sentence Structure

prepare assigment

This session will explain exactly how key components of sentences are structured.

2h 0m

Common Verbs

prepare assigment

Learn common verbs and how to conjugate them properly.

3h 0m

Quiz #1

take a test

Here is a short quiz over the information you have learned so far!

0h 30m


listen to music

I wanted to share with you 1 of my favorite songs from a very talented singer from Columbia!

0h 5m

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languages: Spanish
duration: 6h 4m over 5 session(s)
fee: 45US$  (450lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Rebecca Webb

description of :
I have taken Spanish for many years and I am now bilingual.
Teacher's qualifications:

's preferred teaching style:
I believe that being organized and providing clear information is always best!

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