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Dating Advice/Help For Men From A Woman

tutoring & advice

 with Danielle Cotton

short description:
What better way to understand women in the dating world then to get advice/help from one?
long description:
Men and women will probably never fully understand one another.
One is often left very confused on understanding the opposite
sex. But what would be a better way for men to understand women
then by getting all of the answers/tips he wishes on all things
related to women in the dating world? Whether it be how to
approach a woman, how to be extremely desirable to a specific
type of woman, or what to do when you are getting mixed signals,
guys, I am here to help you out!
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
every day from 8PM-7AM
fee comments:
It is well worth it, 100% guaranteed or I will
arrange to have your money given back.
 session structure





Dating Advice/Help For Men From A Woman

live session

What better way to understand women in the dating world then to get advice/help from one?

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 11US$  (110lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Danielle Cotton

description of :
I am a woman who has had her fair share of
experience on personal relationship/dating
matters, as WELL as those of other women.
Teacher's qualifications:
Being a woman, and having several female
friends (who come to me constantly for
dating/relationship advice), I hear just
about everything that other women (besides
myself of course) like, dislike, and
absolutely LOVE in the opposite sex. Being a
woman myself, and being surrounded by them,
I definitely know what a woman wants.
's preferred teaching style:
Tell me your situation, and I will give you
the best practically fail proof advice.

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