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Mathematics Tutor

tutoring & advice

 with James McShane

short description:
I can tutor high school and college students in Mathematics through Calculus 3
long description:
As a graduate student in Mathematics and current instructor at Indiana University, I
am capable of tutoring many different types of Mathematics. Starting at Algebra and
Geometry, through Calculus, I have tutored and taught many different types of
students. I can meet with students any way they would like to work.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available in the mornings on MWF, and every weekday
fee comments:
 session structure





Mathematics Tutor

live session

I can tutor high school and college students in Mathematics through Calculus 3

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 35US$  (350lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

James McShane

description of :
I grew up in South Bend, IN, and my mother was a high
school math teacher. I was exposed to teaching from a
very young age, and especially interested in math. At
Xavier University, I majored in mathematics, and worked
in a number of different tutoring programs. After that, I
attended the University at Buffalo for a year, leading
recitations in four different Calculus classes. Now, I
attend Indiana University and am an instructor for Basic
Algebra at the University. I also have tutored students at
the university in a variety of courses.
Teacher's qualifications:
Indiana University
Associate Instructor
Graduate Program in Math Aug. 2011-present
GPA: 4.0/4.0
M014 Basic Algebra Instructor - 2 Semesters

University at Buffalo
Teaching Assistant
Graduate Program in Mathematics
GPA 3.84/4.0
Lead 4 Calculus Recitations

Xavier University
B.S. in Mathematics
GPA 3.713/4.0
Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society
Richard J. Wehrmeyer Pi Mu Epsilon Reward
Department Kramer/Miller Award

Eagle Scout

YWCA LEARN GED Program Tutor
Inner City Youth Opportunities Tutor
's preferred teaching style:
My teaching style, especially one-on-one, is based very
much on the Socratic method. I will ask students
questions to direct them toward understanding the
material they are working with. My goal is to build
confidence in my students to allow them to do their work
on their own.

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