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25 Plants that grow in the wild

tutoring & advice

 with Christian Walker

short description:
25 edible, medicinal , and other useful plants
long description:
From weeds to dinner table I will show you what you can eat and what to avoid from the back yard and give you some tips on ways to produce your own food.
Also there are tips on preserving that food for later use. These are the emergency garden plants and other food we neglect to recognize because the grocery stores sell lettuce, onions, and potatoes.
Let me show you what you can use the natural plants that grow around you to survive.

level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
5pm thru 1:30am Central time zone
fee comments:
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25 Plants that grow in the wild

live session

25 edible, medicinal , and other useful plants

1h 0m

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fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Christian Walker

description of :
I have been replacing my family’s vegetable products with those from the garden successfully for the last 18 years. My family of four eats 3 square meals everyday and lots of fruit so this is no easy task. Our goal is to completely (or as little as possible) eliminate the grocery store. With rabbits, chickens, goats and a large vegetable garden we think it is possible. Eventually we want to add our own power such as solar or wind and be completely independent of those electric bills that seem to eat so much of our time up trying to make money to pay.
Along the way we have picked up a lot of skill and common sense that I have found not to be so common. Let me share my tips and techniques with you.
Teacher's qualifications:
For over 15 years we have cut our need for money in half by living simply.
's preferred teaching style:
This is a general overview of the whole course to generate interest in the "25" series about surviving in these hard times. We will take the lists one by one and examples of each will be given.

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