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Meditation & Spirituality

tutoring & advice

 with Ellen Hare

short description:
I am a qualified meditation teacher and have over ten years experinece in the practical and philosophical aspects of meditation and spiritual techniques.
long description:
I run a small part time business offering a range of spiritual courses and sessions. From guided meditation, past life therapy, crystal healing and colour therapy to hands on healing and Angel workshops.

I have practiced meditation for over ten years, qualifying as a teacher several years ago. I have studied the philosophy and background to meditation as well at night school for eighteen months.

When I teach meditation I tailor the teaching to fit the individual, otherwise there is no point! You might want to partake in meditation to be present in the moment more, or sleep better, or feel like you have more control over your feelings and emotions. Another person might want to learn meditation to connect with their psychic side or connect with their Guides and Angels. Another person might simply want to cam down and decrease stress within themselves and calm down the mindless chatter we all undergo.

There are literally thousands of reasons to learn meditation, and it is an endless subject with much knowledge and philosophy behind it. For more info regarding my background and knowledge and also what I pffer please visit my website

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Meditation & Spirituality

live session

I am a qualified meditation teacher and have over ten years experinece in the practical and philosophical aspects of meditation and spiritual techniques.

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fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: self-paced

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United Kingdom

Ellen Hare

description of :
As a Tecaher I am quite flexible. I have a room at home where I practice different healing methods and teach courses, but I also travel around to people's houses too. I am very working class and down to earth and approachable. I do tend to give too much information as I beleive it is better to give the person too much information rather than too little.
Teacher's qualifications:
Teacher qualifications in Meditation, Reiki, Angel workshops
Diplomas in Past Life Therapy, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Psychic Development, Indian Head Massage, Meridian Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy.
's preferred teaching style:
Normally I teach courses in one day and give a manual and certificate. I use a white board to demonstrate, and I like to guide the individual through different meditations using different approaches and physical aids. For example, meditation can be done using crystals, visual aids such as flowers or paintings, music or simply the sound of your own heart to listen to.

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